What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular one, the final version of which was released in 2011 on PC. In its procedurally generated 3D world, the player can build from the blocks that make up the world, collect resources, explore caves, create new items and fight monsters. In survival mode, you need to monitor your health and satiety indicators, and fight off monsters at night. In contrast, creative mode grants the player unlimited access to building blocks, no hunger bar, and the ability to fly.

Each Minecraft player needs to build a shelter for themselves has its own characteristics: some are limited to four walls with a roof, while others enjoy the process of creating their own home. Often, construction lovers are in search of various pieces of furniture and interior decoration. Although, despite the fact that the game does not initially have many of these things, it is not difficult to create them from basic blocks on your own.

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minecraft house

To date, Minecraft already has a huge number of decorative household items to decorate the house. With the help of pots, you can decorate the whole house with flowers, and paints allow you to revive the gray walls. Frames help players display their favorite items in a prominent place, while colored glass adds a designer touch to even the most ordinary home.

However, there are many items not featured in the game. For example, there is no blueprint for creating a table. Also, there are no plumbing elements (washbasins, toilet, shower), as they are not necessary. There is nowhere to sit because there are no armchairs or sofas. Nevertheless, the very idea of ​​the game pushes you to create everything you need from basic materials on your own.

1. Arrangement of the living room

minecraft living room

The living room in the real world is the center of the whole house. Here we celebrate holidays, watch TV, spend time with family or just relax after a long day. Cozy and hospitable, stylish and modern – no matter how you imagine your living room, there are several essential interior details.

  • Sofa – one of the most important parts of the living room is easily recreated in the game. It is enough to use several blocks of steps, putting them in a line. Two empty plates will act as armrests. You can try using slabs surrounded by blocks of wool if you want something more refined and soft.
  • tables are a great addition to any living room. If you already have a sofa, try making a coffee table for it from slab blocks. A small sofa table can be obtained by placing a pressure plate on the fence blocks or simply using a piston block. Experiment with different materials to create a unique style for your living room.

minecraft tv

  • TV – something without which the interior of your living room will look unfinished. The best option is four or six blocks of black wool or obsidian, stacked together. To make your TV look more organic, you can use fence blocks and signs from below.
  • Fireplace. If you live in a winter biome, placing a fireplace in your living room is a great idea. However, keep in mind that some materials are combustible and cannot be used to create it. A suitable solution for this purpose is a hellstone block surrounded by stone or brick blocks. Hellstone is always on fire, and stone and brick blocks are resistant to fire.

2. Kitchen arrangement

minecraft kitchen

Creating a kitchen is quite an exciting process. There is a convenient place for storing food, various tables, sinks, dishes, etc. As in real houses, the kitchen can be small and cozy, or it can be large and spacious. Experiment with different styles, objects, materials and find what you like.

  • Fridge. Although there is no refrigerator as an item in the game, it is not difficult to make it using building blocks. The best option is to dig one block in place of the future refrigerator and place a chest there. Leave the space directly above the chest empty, and place an iron block above. Place an iron door at the front and place the lever on the iron block so that it can be opened.
  • Sink may not be just a decorative element. It can also store water. To achieve this, simply install the boiler, fill it with a bucket of water, and make a faucet from a tension gauge. If you want, you can put two boilers side by side to get a double sink.

minecraft kitchen

  • kitchen cabinets. Any kitchen has numerous cupboards and small cabinets for storing dishes and various products. To make a simple kitchen cabinet, use a bookcase block with a hatch placed on the front. When you open the hatch, the shelves will appear to be filled with various items. As a simpler option, you can use ordinary boards.
  • Plate. Fortunately, the game already has a stove and you do not have to make it yourself. To create a working stove, install a standard stove. And by adding a workbench, you get a fully functional kitchen.

3. Bedroom arrangement

minecraft bedroom

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a bedroom for a home. This is a place of solitude, peace and relaxation. Here we store the most precious personal items for us and gain strength when we get tired. Although the game already has a blueprint for the bed (three blocks of wool and three blocks of wood), furnishing the bedroom remains an interesting activity.

  • Wardrobe. This is where we store our clothes and personal belongings. To make a wardrobe in the game that you can put something in, you can stack two large chests on top of each other. A large chest is obtained from two standard chests placed side by side and has twice the volume.
  • Lumber room. Another functional element of the interior of your bedroom can be a closet. To create it, make a niche in the wall one block deep and two blocks high. If you want, you can make the closet more spacious, just install a wooden door when you’re done.

minecraft pictures

  • Desk. At this table, you will work on your most important Minecraft projects. The simplest version of a writing desk is created in the same way as the living room table: install two fence blocks and place a pressure plate or a wooden slab on them. The wooden ladder block can be used as a chair by placing it in front of the table. Despite the fact that you can’t put anything on the table, it will still be a great addition to the interior of your bedroom.

4. Bathroom arrangement

minecraft bathroom

And finally, we come to the arrangement of the bathroom. Although the bathroom doesn’t have any use in the game, your house will look unfinished without it. In addition, this is a great place to store garbage you don’t need, like gravel or excess cobblestone. Using basic materials, you can create a sink, shower, toilet and more.

  • Toilet. It is one of the most important details of any bathroom. To make a toilet, dig one block in the floor, place a cauldron in it and fill it with water, place a hatch on top. When you open and close the sunroof, it acts like a toilet lid. In case you want to get rid of something, just throw the block into the water and after five minutes it will disappear.
  • Shower can be made decorative and functional at the same time. First lay out the shower floor with slabs or blocks. If desired, you can add a glass partition using glass panels. To simulate a faucet, place the tension sensor at the top of the wall, and in the ceiling, install the piston and the water block above it. When the piston is activated, a hole will open and water will flow down.

minecraft bathroom

  • Sink in the bathroom is created identically to the kitchen, but with the addition of some details for a more aesthetic look. Place the cauldron one block away from the wall and surround it with whatever blocks you like. Just like in the kitchen, you can use a tension gauge or place a glass block on top to act as a mirror.

In conclusion, I would like to note that this article is not an exhaustive guide to furnishing your home. Most of the ideas mentioned are quick and easy to implement. But the potential to create something new in Minecraft is limitless, so never be afraid to experiment.

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