Legs (glides) for the mouse, like any part, has its own resource. With intensive use, the legs wear out faster, which leads to poor control and sliding of the mouse. It clings to the mat, which does not add convenience when using it.

In addition to replacing outdated glides, you can simply upgrade a new mouse, office or gaming. Choosing new gaming mouse guides, pay attention to their compatibility with the device model. For an ordinary office mouse, you can pick up simple universal legs.

When to Use Interchangeable Glides

  • Mouse sliding has worsened, but there is no desire to change the device. On examination, you can see that the legs of the mouse have become thinner, equal in height to the lower plane of the device, which began to touch the rug.
  • Mouse after repair or cleaning. Parts of the mouse are connected by screws, which are located in niches covered with legs. To gain access to the mechanism of the device, it is necessary to remove the slides. Easy to take off, hard to put back on. The adhesive layer when reinstalled will not fit snugly against the case. Therefore, it is better to replace the legs with new ones.
  • For cyber gamers or designers, perfect precision in working with a mouse is extremely important. Not always the quality of even new devices can cope with such a task. However, this problem can be easily solved by replacing it with high-quality new glides.

teflon mouse feet

Material for the best glides

The material from which the legs are made also determines the level of sliding of the mouse. Teflon glides are the best option. More specifically, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It has a uniquely low coefficient of friction, allowing it to glide better than other materials. The final step in the manufacture of skateboards is the grinding of the material. The result is an initially excellent glide and no lapping at the beginning of use.

PTFE material is white. And when adding paint, it loses some of its unique properties, which means that the service life of the glide may become shorter.

The ideal surface of Teflon guarantees a high speed of movement of the mouse. A minimum of friction allows better control of the device. Therefore, we can identify the advantages of using Teflon legs for a mouse:

  • For those who play virtual games, the high speed of mouse movement is extremely important. This increases their competitive advantage. This is especially true for esportsmen who fight in shooters.
  • With prolonged use, the tension on the wrist is significantly reduced. This is important not only for gamers, but also for professionals whose work involves a long stay at the computer.
  • The lifespan of the rug is increased.

If you are interested in purchasing this product on favorable terms, you should contact the FeetGlide online store. Specialists will answer all your questions. This will enable you to make the right buying decision.


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