Breeding animals is great for survival in the world of Minecraft

In the world Minecraft you can get a cub just by feeding the animals. Each species has its own “favorite” food, with which you can either lure them or breed animals. Animals will follow you as long as you hold a treat for them, however, they will not react to food thrown or planted in the ground.

Why do you need to breed animals in Minecraft?

If you are playing the map in survival mode, the farm will be the perfect source of food and other resources in the game. Pets aren’t the only ones you can feed, you can also feed horses, donkeys, wolves, and even ocelots!

Here are a few reasons why you might want to start breeding animals:

animal breeding minecraftMeat, milk, skin and other healthy products are very valuable.

Animal meat suppresses more hunger points than bread or other crops.

Many materials can be obtained from animals, such as wool, leather, eggs, and milk.

Breeding horses can open up the possibility of dyeing clothes in different colors and shades.

Drinking milk can cure poisoning, disease, and reduce hunger.

Leather can be used to craft armor, books, and item cases.

So how do you breed animals in the world Minecraft? Feeding animals causes them feelings of sympathy and love, then they will be paired, after which they will have a cub. It should be noted that players must wait at least five minutes to repeat this with the same pair. Breeding animals gives you their trust and experience points in the game. After birth, the cubs will follow their parents for about 20 minutes. Isn’t that cute?

How to breed cows

cow breedingFrom cows you can get milk, skin, meat

cows appear naturally in the vicinity of the map in herds. They are quite valuable animals due to the resources they provide: fresh meat, skin and milk. Players can endlessly milk cows by first feeding them with an empty bucket in their hand, and then clicking on the animal. You can even milk the calves! Meat and leather can only be obtained by killing cows, making breeding more profitable.

What is required to bring two adult cows together:

  • Wheat seeds harvested from tall grass.
  • Wheat grown from dark brown seeds.
  • Wheat grows faster when the land is supplied with water.
  • Bone meal fertilizer will help wheat grow faster.

Harvested in advance from sprouts not yet grown to the end, gives only seeds
Raising cows with wheat is the best way, and cooked veal and beef will satisfy your hunger better than bread, biscuits or cake. Players are also given the opportunity to obtain leather by killing cows, an important material for crafting armor, books, and bookshelves. Breeding these animals is a very important and useful element in the game in survival mode.

How to breed sheep

sheep breedingSheep are valued for their wool, which is not only used for beds.

Sheep – animals that also appear on the world map, like cows. While most sheep are white, they can also be grey, black or light pink. They are prized for their wool, which can be used to make decorative items and beds. Wool can be obtained using threads obtained from spiders killed at night, however this is a more time consuming process, as it requires finding special caves with monsters and spending energy on hunting. Like cows, sheep need wheat for food.

To get wool, players need scissors in their hands. By clicking on a sheep, you can get from one to three blocks of wool. Did you know that they need grass to regrow their fur? To do this, sheep need an area with vegetation to live in. Wool can also be dyed in different colors, in turn, this gives a good opportunity to obtain decorative items of any shade!

How to breed pigs

pig breedingPigs are not only meat, but also a means of transportation!

Pigs are passive creatures that spawn naturally and can be used to transport or obtain food. They are most often found in groups, but can also be seen in the water. With the help of a saddle and a special fishing rod with a carrot on the hook – a delicacy for pigs, you can ride them. This type of transport for moving over long distances is almost as good as a horse.

Where can you find carrots?

  • Carrots can be found on rural farms or extremely rarely after killing zombies.
  • While harvesting carrots, you can get from one to four pieces.
  • Fertilizer from bone meal accelerates the yield.
  • Golden Carrots can be used to craft a Potion of Night Vision.

Roast pork is great for satisfying hunger, although not as much as beef. If you prefer pigs as a mode of transport, be careful, because during a thunderstorm, if they are struck by lightning, they will turn into zombie pigs, and they can be very dangerous!

How to raise chickens and ducks

chicken breedingChickens and ducks are useful for their eggs, feathers, and, well, meat

chickens or ducks also appear spontaneously and are highly revered for their meat, feathers and eggs. Birds can be found on illuminated areas of the map, roaming spontaneously or in groups. When falling from a great height, they land safely on their wings. Hens lay eggs regularly for about eight minutes, which are used in various recipes or, on rare occasions, to produce a chick when an egg is broken. Birds are fed with wheat seeds, pumpkin seeds or watermelon seeds.

  • When harvesting wheat, you can get seeds.
  • If you break a pumpkin, then as a result you can also get seeds.
  • When using the machine along with a pumpkin, you are also given seeds.
  • Chickens are suitable for any seeds for food.

Chickens are a good source of eggs, but they disappear after five minutes, so you need to collect them quickly, for this you can place a farm under the chest, so the eggs will be collected automatically. Feathers are also an equally important material that is used to make arrows, and cooked chicken meat will relieve you of hunger!

How to breed horses and donkeys

horse breedingHorses and donkeys are wonderful carriers, you just need to try to tame them

Horses located in the savannas or on the plains, usually go in herds. Their coloration is usually similar to that of other horses in their territory, but there may be differences. Like donkeys, they spawn spontaneously on the map and are passive creatures. Mules can be obtained by crossing a horse and a donkey. Both animals are a good means of transport, however the donkey is very stubborn if not fed, and the horse will kick you off until it is tamed by feeding it golden apples or golden carrots and not equipping it with a saddle.

  • By combining gold and an apple, or carrot, you can get a golden apple / carrot.
  • Gold bars can leave zombie pigs in the wasteland.
  • Gold can be mined in mines.
  • Apples are harvested by breaking branches of apple trees.

To ride long distances in a short time, players use a horse as a vehicle. By clicking on the horse with an empty hand, you will saddle it, but do not forget that you must first tame it. The saddle can either be crafted, or bargained with the villagers, or found in chests in the wasteland. Tamed mules can even be used to transport cargo over long distances.

How to breed wolves

wolf breedingBefore breeding wolves, they need to be “domesticated”, and in the future they will protect their master and territory!

Wolves walk in packs from one to eight, appearing only in the forests. A wild wolf can harm the player, but if you hit one, you can attract the whole pack. You can tame a wolf by feeding him a bone, he has a collar that is initially red, but it can be changed and painted in a different one. Only domesticated wolves can produce puppies when crossed, for this they need meat of any kind or rotting flesh.

  • The meat must be raw.
  • Puppies are born with low health, so they need to be fed right away.
  • Rotten flesh does not harm wolves or cubs.
  • Puppies can drown if they follow you in the water.
  • The health of a wolf can be seen at the level of its tail.

Tamed wolves can be made to sit by right-clicking on them, so they won’t follow their master and run away. Also, the wolf must be fed so that his health is normal, and in the event of an attack by enemy creatures, he was able to fight them off and help the owner. The wolf will protect the player from everything that is dangerous for him, even from other players!

How to breed ocelots

breeding ocelotsOcelots are able to drive creepers away from their homes, which makes them not just cute cats, but also useful

ocelots – passive creatures that live in the jungle, and when tamed, turn into cats with a changed coat color of different breeds. These animals are very shy and will run away from the player if he runs at him. Ocelots can be tamed with raw fish and they will love their owner.

  • Fish can be caught with a fishing rod and a pond.
  • Kittens are the same color as the first parent.
  • Kittens will drown if they follow their owner in the water.
  • Cubs are born at home.

Cats can be taught commands in the same way as dogs, although they are capable of eating a chicken in the neighborhood if they find one. Tamed ocelots will teleport to the owner, and if they fall, they will not be harmed, landing safely. Although ocelots do not fight enemy creatures, they can drive creepers away from the house.

With breeding animals to players in minecraft opens up a lot of opportunities and useful things to play in survival mode, be it food, wool, leather, or just love for the owner!


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