There’s every chance that if you’re a Switch owner, then playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is an integral part of your gaming routine, and multiplayer racing brings the bulk of the fun. However, as we’ve found out, playing online can be a humiliating experience with rivals rushing to the finish line and leaving you behind. One of the riders who gave us a good thrashing on one of our summer live streams was Jake Stevens, and he kindly agreed – along with fellow Threestar – to pass on some pro tips to help you get to the top of the podium.

Jake is a regular contributor to the forum under the username Stevens94, while Threestar mostly communicates on Twitter. Both of them are two of the most passionate MK players you can find.

With the introductions over, let’s move on to the vital tips for success.

Collecting coins

Each coin collected gives a small boost to your maximum speed. However, you can only have a maximum of 10 coins at your disposal, and depending on what happens during the race, you must decide whether to focus on collecting coins or taking on tighter turns. If you’re in the lead, it’s usually best to concentrate on cornering. If you are surrounded by opponents, try to collect as many coins as possible.

Choosing the Right Combination

You must choose car parts that suit your driving style. Try different options and find what you feel most comfortable with. High-speed combos tend to be most common among top players, although combos with at least 3/5 speed are also used.

Initial acceleration

Includes getting an increase to the speed at which you break from the start line. To get the maximum starting momentum, press the boost button as soon as the number 2 appears on the screen.

Avoid collisions and bumps

This is one of the main points in achieving good results. Those who constantly get ahead are usually better at avoiding runs and bumps.

Practice makes perfect

It’s an old saying, but Mario Kart 8 tends to reward those who put in the time and effort to improve. The best way to practice is the time trial, especially on the more difficult tracks. The best players in the world are those who achieve world records or play in global online races for a long time.


To do this, you need to use the drift button to charge the mini-turbo. The blue mini-turbo is the starting variety, while the orange mini-turbo (otherwise known as the super-mini-turbo) gives a longer and larger speed boost.

neutral jump

It’s just a jump without any other clicks. It is best used on climbs, such as at the start of the GBA Mario Circuit anti-gravity section. It maintains the speed of the mini-turbo and can also adjust the angle of the car when exiting a section of acceleration.

Bunny Hopping / Fire Hopping

Please note that this technique only works on a flat surface or on an incline. This technique involves jumping left or right multiple times after increasing speed, effectively increasing the duration of the boost at higher speed. After entering the boost pad, using the mushroom or the orange mini-turbo, jump left or right 5, 6 times. It will also help you change lanes if you come out of a corner too close to or too far from the outside corner.

Soft drift

This is when you manage to drift at the same angle as usual, but still charge the mini-turbo faster. The optimal point is in the upper left corner for a left drift and in the upper right corner for a right drift. It is important to note that it is slightly different for each type of controller, so it takes practice to find and master it.

Demonic Slides

In fact, these are neutral jumps added at the beginning of the drift. You bounce, then, upon landing, turn left or right for about half a second, after which you release the drift button. This technique is most often used on slopes or flats, good examples are the anti-gravity section of Mario Kart Stadium and the final straight of Sherbet Land. If you’re doing everything right, you’ll see blue sparks flying out of the side of your kart when anti-gravity kicks in. Watch world records on YouTube or Mario Kart TV to get a visual idea.

Charging mini turbo in the air

To make it easier for you to start the mini-turbo if necessary, you need to charge it in the air. This helps to launch a mini-turbo in the air at the end of some gliding sections, such as the last Dolphin Shoals glider, to make it easier to drift on the final turns.

Don’t always do stunts on fast ramps

On some fast ramps it will be faster not to do tricks. For example, on the first two ramps of Toad Harbor on the left after the first turn, due to the fact that you will spend less time in the air. It’s also sometimes quicker to jump onto gliding panels, such as the Rainbow Road gliding section with two split lanes.

Bleeding the brakes

Pressing the B button when making very tight turns is critical, as it will help you get through the corners better without deviating from your normal route. For example, the last turn in MK8 Rainbow Road and the turn before the 1st glider.

Drift with rotation

It’s very hard to explain, but it’s kind of like if you’re drifting left, you’re jumping left, but when you land, you’re turning right. Watch the video below, it’s easier to see it in action.

Accumulation of momentum

You can bounce on ramps/boost pads, which allows you to go faster when bouncing. Because of this, you will always prefer to jump up and use the mini-turbo on the boost pad/ramp.

Bump pad slide

It’s when you drive into the bumper but release your boost before hitting the bumper, allowing you to go further than normal.

low ramp

Some ramps allow you to jump lower than usual due to the fact that you will drift left or right at the very edge. This is very helpful and saves time.


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