Ubisoft is arguably one of the most controversial companies in the gaming industry today. On the one hand, they love her, but she still knows how to make games that, from potential hits, usually become hits and are successfully sold.

On the other hand, many have noticed that the company frankly loves to cheat its players for money, but today I want to share with you my feelings about The Division 2, which you can now play absolutely free and has all the makings of a real hit with the capital letter.

But before I begin to reason and tell something, I will immediately say that in general terms I will naturally compare it with the first part.

So let’s get started…

The first part of The Division, which, by the way, could be picked up completely free of charge not so long ago, became a kind of revelation for me. All this atmosphere of catastrophe and real apomixis directly puts pressure on you, and you really begin to feel like the last bastion of protecting humanity from an unknown threat.

In general, snowy New York perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the apocalypse and other hopelessness and reminds you as a player that the fate of the whole world depends on you.

The second part is already pure post-apocalypse, when we are shown a world that is trying to rise from the ashes and you are of course a hero here, but besides you there are also ordinary inhabitants (NPCs) who restore this world with you. Everything in the game is great and the atmosphere of the resurgent world is conveyed perfectly, but personally I was upset that you can’t transfer the appearance of your character from the first part to the second part of the game.

And instead of the cheerful plump Asian that I had in the first part, I also got a rather pleasant character, however, no matter how I played it, I still got a Latin American.

And in general, setting up the appearance of characters for a game in the open world of 2019 seemed to me rather poor.

Since I’ve already talked about the shortcomings in terms of character customization, it’s worth mentioning the advantages, which in this part of the game can be safely attributed to shooting, and all because the design of the missions is done wisely and from the heart. What are the shootouts in museums or large supermarkets.

Shooting as a whole began to be felt more distinctly. Now our opponents do not look like sponges for bullets, but quite logically and correctly add up from shots from weapons. So, if you want not the best, but still quite pleasant shooting, then the game is worth it. And albeit not too hard, but the enemy can work tactically and give you a fitting rebuff.

How The Division 2 plays after a year of existence

Exploring the epic wastelands of Washington is certainly more fun with friends. Although… if you don’t have friends playing The Davison 2, then you can quite easily find yourself a group for completing story or side missions. Although the first, at least the second part of the game is still actively supported and there are many players in them. So you are provided with bright and sometimes even cinematic pretentious skirmishes in the company of other players. Here you can even create and join clans. By the way, the music here is also performed at a fairly high level and sets the right tone at the right time.

About how skills have changed, perks and other specializations, you better see for yourself, because this is not a guide. But to everyone who loves craft, I can honestly tell you that it is here. And now add to that a detailed and recreated Washington D.C. and a fairly large set of missions and other content for the game. And you will immediately realize that in the game, even with its basic version, you can spend more than a dozen hours.

Yes, and let’s be honest… a game that now costs only 187 rubles with its total content richness and with a good company of friends can generally drag you into unknown distances.

In the meantime, you can watch the story trailer and buy the game until 18:00 tonight.


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