The developers of the game Honor of Kings World released a 6-minute trailer in which they showed the combat system. It allows you to fight in real time, destroying the enemy in the air in the style of Devil May Cry, or take off and shoot beams at the boss.

What catches the eye most is the graphics – they are not just ultra-realistic; Although the locations are small, they seem very voluminous. It feels like something Honor of Kings World should have done with Todd Howard’s catchphrase: “You can run to that mountain.”

According to the picture, Honor of Kings: World outdoes Genshin Impact and Zenless Zone Zero, even if we take the PC versions for comparison.

This game has beautiful not only locations, but also character models. Faces and eyes seem alive, and hair looks natural.

Also, the authors of Honor of Kings: World have a response to the theatrical Fontaine in the form of a boss with doll minions.

You can switch between characters in real time.

The release of Honor of Kings World is scheduled for iOS, Android and PC.


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