Honkai: Star Rail earned $40 million in September 2023, while in August the game’s income was $49 million. Anyway, Genshin Impact’s income is worse – $36 million in September and $32 million in August.

It turns out that Star Rail takes a part of Genshin’s income, so HoYoVerse has a problem – which of the games to support and how to get a lot of money from each of them?

NIKKE took 5th position in the top anime gacha, and the game had excellent results – $19 million in August and $31 million in September. This means that Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is only $5 million behind Genshin.

Despite the recent release of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, Square Enix’s brainchild earned only $11 million. Although this is small compared to Star Rail, the game took the top 8.

Which anime gachas failed?

Artery Gear, Higan: Rythyll, and ALICE Fiction became the worst anime gachas for September – they received $80,000, $26,000 and $17,000. This proves that the presence of anime style and release on smartphones does not mean the success of the game and a lot of money for the developers.


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