Homeworld, Aliens and Hunters is a mobile RPG game with pixel graphics. On October 25, a beta test began for it on Android; You can download the client via Chinese market.

After the end of the beta test, all progress will be reset, and the number of places is limited. The servers will be closed on November 2, and the download deadline is October 26. You don’t need an invitation code, you just need to create an account and log in using Chinese data.

In Homeworld, Aliens and Hunters, players will assemble a team of survivors and take part in wall-to-wall battles. The setting is post-apocalyptic, so the main locations are the Wasteland.

How to enter Homeworld, Aliens and Hunters?

Step 1

Download the client.

Step 2

If there is no Chinese phone number, then click on the bottom inscription.

Step 3

Enter your login and password. Click on the red button. If it gives errors, then either the login is busy, or special characters were used in the password.

Step 4

You need to enter the name and number of the Chinese from tables. If it gives an error, then either you entered additional characters, or it’s already taken and you need to try another line.

Step 5

After entering, click on the red button.

Step 6

Click on the middle button and log in to the server.


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