Today – November 14 – the port of Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch will be released, but the network already has a lot of gameplay footage and comparisons of the two versions of the game. We previously discussed the first screenshots that appeared on October 18, but it was difficult to draw conclusions from them – there were too few gameplay frames. Let us remind you that the price for the standard version of the game is Nintendo store will be $59.99, and the Dulux will be a little more expensive – $69.99.

Just a week ago one of the players shared the video with gameplay – he bought a cartridge in a store and clarified that only part of the game, the initial content, was preinstalled. The rest is downloaded from the network, which was impossible at that time. There is no day one patch.

In his opinion, the graphics in Hogwarts Legacy, which was ridiculed by the community after the first screenshots, remained at a very pleasant level. The adventure has not lost its atmosphere and can easily be considered one of the best ports for Switch.

Hogwarts Legacy was released on PC back in February of this year, and in the spring the release took place on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The port for Nintendo Switch was supposed to appear in the middle of summer, but the developers needed more time.


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