Agent 47 is a skilled killer… but there’s nothing worse than a closed door.

Hitman 3 has a wonderful series of open levels that scale and challenge the player, but something that all of the game’s levels have in common is that they each feature at least one closed door or closed safes that will appear between games. and at least valuable intelligence information, and in some situations these codes will stand between the player and the main objectives of the mission.

Remember that Hitman’s standard closed doors can be approached in a variety of ways. You can carry a pickaxe with you on missions, which is always very useful. You can also find levers in missions that can be used to slam doors. However, some of them are electronically blocked, and this is where these codes come to the rescue.

The following list of Hitman 3 codes includes the keys to all the safes and locked doors we found in Hitman 3. All you have to do is enter the keypad code for the correct safe or door. This includes the code for Alexa Carlisle’s office safe in Dartmoor, which is hidden behind a small symbolic puzzle. Some codes in some levels, especially in Chongqing, apply to multiple doors.

Hitman 3 codes: unlock codes for keypads and safes

Hitman 3 has a set of keyboards and safes that will give you access to certain areas of the levels, or to certain objects within the levels. Here are the codes.
Opens the transition doors between the private staff quarters and the public atrium. Naturally, it’s on the white board in the staff meeting room.
Open the safe in the security room on any floor where it is. The safe contains a key that can be used on the attic panel to activate the emergency evacuation of your targets, which will lead to a unique kill window. Naturally, this is found on the bulletin board in the security room. Open the safe in the guest room in the attic on the second floor. Contains a tablet. The code is on a sticker pasted to the computer screen.

  • Dartmoor – 1975

Open the safe in Alexa Carlisle’s office. The safe contains the required case as a mission objective, but you can also get it discreetly by solving the murder mystery. He finds himself naturally discovering signs in the room referring to the images on the safe. Open the safe in Rolf Hirschmüller’s office on the second floor of a basement guarded by many motorists. This is revealed when the guards claim that the code was set in the year the Berlin Wall fell.
Open the door to the ICA rooms, the door to the ICA apartment and the door to the stairs to the laundry, which is so necessary for many missions. You can get it in several ways, including the answering machine in the apartment and dialogue with the NPC.
Open the doors to the Game Room, Reference Lab, and Private Lab. You can find the code in various background images throughout the level.

  • Mendoza[1945

Allows you to get the oldest wine from the wine cooler by disabling laser security. When listening to the conversations of the guards, it turns out that the code is the year the Second World War ended.

  • Mendoza2006

This code allows you to open the safe in the basement of the villa. Inside is a report, interesting information that can be found naturally by hearing the guards say the date is the victim’s wedding year – then look up the next anniversary date on the calendar in the village and count down. To get 2006.

  • Carpathians1979

Open a side room where you can pick up an extra item. The code is naturally on the nearest poster, making it one of the most obvious.


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