Insiders from Reports on Duty reported that the battle royale High Energy Heroes will receive a global version. Let me remind you that it is available in China on iOS and Android; it is a regional replacement for Apex Legends Mobile.

Probably after success in China, Tencent and Electronic Arts decided to pursue a global version. It is being developed by LightSpeed ​​Studio, which is responsible for Undawn and PUBG Mobile. It is not yet known whether this will be Apex Legends Mobile specifically or just a localized version of High Energy Heroes.

It is already known from Reporters on Duty that the beta test of the global version of the mobile Apex will start in the first half of 2024. The release is also scheduled for next year.

Despite being developed under the wing of Tencent, insiders believe that Respawn Entertainment will become the publisher of “Apex Legends Mobile 2.0”. Probably the reason for this situation was the trend of Western companies to distance themselves from Chinese gaming companies, even though their contractors continue to develop mobile projects.


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