The apocalypse is over, leaving behind only heavy metal Machines. Welcome to the world of car madness and ruthless destruction… And we’ll tell you how to survive there!

Left mouse button – moves your car forward,
right – back.
releasing both buttons will stop the machine.

The Q key activates the basic weapon,
key W – additional
R key – special ability.
E key – turns on nitro.

Weapons and their types:
Each vehicle is equipped with two types of conventional weapons and one special. Conventional weapons come in two varieties: single-shot and overheated. Single-shot weapons need to be reloaded after use, which takes time. Overheating weapons get hotter with use, and if they get too hot, you’ll have to wait for them to cool down. The special weapon or ability is not available at the start of the round; it recharges gradually and as you hit targets with other weapons, damaging them or – this also happens – repairing them. After use, it must be recharged again in the same way.

What is in the arena?
The arena is a circular track of two halves that mirror each other. You need to grab the bomb in the middle and carry it along the dotted line to the enemy base located on the enemy (red) end. The same – only at your end of the map (blue) – the enemy will try to do

There are several spots along the track where any vehicle other than the one carrying the bomb can take a shortcut by getting ahead of an enemy transporter and intercepting it. The one with the bomb must drive along the main highway – force barriers will not allow him to cut the route.

There are also droppers in the arena: if the one carrying the bomb hits them (or is pushed there), the bomb will fall. Red droppers help the enemy team – be careful. The Blues are defending your base, so push the opponents on them and then quickly grab the bomb! You can safely drive along the blue droppers – they will not interfere with you.


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