Yesterday Blizzard presented Hearthstone’s latest expansion this year is Battle of the Badlands (Showdown in the Badlands). The DLC will be released on November 14 and will take us to the Wild West – straight into the hands of an evil ore mining company and the dishonest Sheriff Eustace Barrelbrim. In addition, the expansion will include a set of 145 cards, two new properties “Loot” and “Offhand”, as well as unique features for Settlers and Bandits.

Now a little more about the Battle in the Badlands expansion:

  1. The new “Loot” property allows you to mine random treasures, increasing their level each time. As soon as you reach the maximum, you start again. Treasures of ordinary, rare and epic quality are available for all classes, and for Settlers (these are death knight robber, warlock, mage and warrior) another type is open – legendary.
  2. A new ability, “Offhand”, is found on some cards that give you a special effect on the turn you pick them up. You can use them right away or save them for a special combination later.
  3. Bandits (this is a demon hunter, shaman, priest, paladin, druid and just a hunter) also have their own peculiarity. Each of the listed classes can unlock a legendary creature, which will give a bonus buff if you don’t have the same cards in your deck.

By the way, Blizzard already opened There are two pre-order packages for everyone – standard and mega. According to the studio, if you’re just going to play Hearthstone mode, the mega pack is a better deal.


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