Harekat 2: Online is a third-person multiplayer shooter. An early version is available on Android in Russia and probably other countries. Gamers will be able to create and customize their avatar, after which they will be sent to a military base. There they will meet other players (while online is small, so without friends you will have to fight alone).

There are no missions in the mobile game Harekat 2: Online. Instead, the player takes a cannon with him, gets into a military vehicle and goes to the militant base; it is marked on the map. The artificial intelligence of the enemies is weak, and you can kill them with a few shots. But the enemy can bypass the player from the flank or even the rear, putting a couple of rounds into him and sending him to the base.

The developers of Harekat 2: Online promise a large open world with a realistic military experience, day and night, and different weather conditions. In total, the project has more than 13 vehicles, plus body kits for 9 guns and dozens of military uniforms. For fans of military simulators – that’s it.

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