In series Halo there are difficulty modifiers, and the community loves to invent their own challenges. For many years it was believed that Halo 2 in the style of “LASO without death” – this is an impossible task, but it was only worth promising $ 20,000 …

“LASO without death” requires:

  • Turn on the highest, legendary difficulty.

  • Enable all “skulls”, which increase the difficulty even more. For example, enemies throw grenades more often, have increased health, leave less ammo behind, and always carry a disguise.

  • Complete the entire story campaign without dying.

The name LASO is short for Legendary All Skulls On. It is already extremely difficult, and here they also demand without death! It is believed that such a test could not be completed by anyone in all 18 years of existence. Halo 2 At least there was no evidence.

And so, in June 2022, video blogger MoistCr1TiKaL decided to make the task more interesting: he promised $5,000 to the one who completed “LASO without death” in Halo 2. Condition: the entire process of the game must take place live. However, no one managed to cope anyway, so three weeks later MoistCr1TiKaL raised the reward to $20,000.

And after that, a worthy one was finally found. They became the streamer JerValiN. He knows Halo 2 by heart and used skillful tricks: for example, he dragged the flying Banshee fighting machine to the final battle and dropped the arriving waves of opponents into the abyss with well-aimed shots from a cannon.

The entire run took 6 hours 29 minutes 44 seconds. The cutest thing, of course, happened in the finale: in the chat, someone gave the viewers a hundred paid subscriptions to the channel at once, and his relatives burst into the streamer room of JerValiN with joyful cries.

The achievement of JerValiN was a major event in the community: for example, his success was noted esports elite Halo, and the topic on the subreddit of the series gained more than 15 thousand likes. And, of course, MoistCr1TiKaL dedicated a new video to JerValiN.


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