Guns of Icarus Online is a massively multiplayer online game set in a post-apocalyptic world in which you have to take part in breathtaking airship battles. Factions, a vast world of maps of trade routes and dynamic cities. Economic systems; resources; production; trade, all this will complement the main combat focus in the game Guns of Icarus Online.

Steampunk is a rather interesting phenomenon, but not as popular in games as cyberpunk or other genres in games.

But still, sometimes quite interesting games slip through in the style of steampunk. but the first multiplayer online game in this style was the game Guns of Icarus Online.

Guns of Icarus Online is a session online action game from the category of World of Tanks, Star Conflict or Crossout. She came out in 2012.

The most basic distinguishing features of this game from all other games in terms of session action is that you are given control of a whole combat airship, only here you do not immediately control the whole airship, but a specific member of the team.In total, there can be 4 people in the airship in the team, and the choice is provided from three classes: captain (helmsman), engineer (he fixes all equipment and armor on the ship), gunner (runs and shoots from all weapons on the ship).

In fact, the division into classes in this game is rather arbitrary.

If necessary, the same engineer can take the helm or gun. The point is that the same shooter or captain cannot effectively repair, since they simply do not have special parameters for competent repair.

The division into factions is also the most conditional and in general, in fact, it does not play any role, since you can always stop swinging for one faction and start swinging for another (everything here is like in tanks).The airships themselves have different equipment and weapons.

The main feature that makes Guns of Icarus Online interesting to play is the need for well-coordinated team play.

As for the game modes, here they are absolutely classic: pvp (Deathmatch and capturing points). And of course various PvE missions.

Maybe this game would have passed me by if not for its free distribution on the Humble Bundle.And now, in honor of Halloween on sale on Steam, it can be taken at a decent discount until November 1st. Without the discount, the game itself will cost only 129 rubles. If you take it along with the Guns of Icarus Alliance add-on, then 89 rubles at a discount and 320 rubles without it.

In principle, this is not a particularly high price for the opportunity to feel like a real air pirate in the world of steam engines. The game is definitely worth it!
Well, as has long been established by tradition, the video with the gameplay will be lower.


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