SOEDESCO together with Frozen Lake Game Studio announced the release of Guns and Spurs 2 on Nintendo Switch. The third-person shooter takes place in the large open world of the Wild West, where we have to catch criminals and robbers. The release of the game in the spirit of Red Dead Redemption is scheduled for November 24, 2023.

Guns and Spurs 2 invites us to be transported to the endless plains of the Wild West and try on the role of Jack Lane, an aspiring bounty hunter. A huge open world awaits us, filled to the brim with a variety of elusive robbers and robbers. But we will not only fight with them, but also hone our riding skills, upgrade our arsenal of weapons and train to catch enemies with a lasso.

According to the developers, Guns and Spurs 2 has added:

  • 25 criminals with a gradation of difficulty from simple thieves to real dashing robbers;
  • 8 challenging bosses that will definitely require a well-thought-out plan;
  • 13 different pistols and rifles;
  • Function of fast movement between locations;
  • Unique cosmetics for the character and horse.

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