ArenaNet has officially unveiled the next chapter of the recently released Secrets of the Obscure expansion for Guild Wars 2, titled Through the Veil. The content update, expected to release next month, will take players to Naios, the realm of dreams and home of the Cryptis, to stop the demonic race’s invasion of Tyria.

The new zone will feature a new mastery track that will be associated with a new encounter type called Convergences.

“These massive rifts in a unique arena will expand on the rift hunting experience introduced in Secrets of the Obscure, giving groups of up to 50 players the opportunity to take on the largest and most ferocious threats within the ranks of Kryptis,” explains ArenaNet.

The update also includes a challenge mode for the Space Observatory strike mission, as well as dozens of new Secrets of the Obscure core items and relics, and an all-new set of Wizard Vault rewards. The update is scheduled to be released on November 7 and will be free for players who own the game Secrets of the Obscure.

And just below you can check out the latest trailer for the game update.


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