Blade Master, he is also a sword master, one of the most popular characters in the game Blade and Soul

This guide is dedicated to the class Sword master (Blade Master). It is very often chosen as the initial Blade and Soul many beginners, although it will take some time to learn how to play them well.

It’s all about parrying skills – you need to be able to block the opponent’s blow in time and counterattack if possible.

But, in general, the class is very flexible, and has many interesting features. It can be used successfully in both PvP and PvE. Moreover, in battles with computer opponents, he can be both a damage dealer and a tank.

But let’s take a closer look at this class.

Main features of the Sword Master class

blade masterThe main weapon is the sword, which is not only dexterous in close combat, but can also attack from a distance, turning your sword into a floating blade

The first thing you must learn is how to conduct a series of attacks in BS. It is useless to advise anything here – of course, there are certain combinations that give a very good result, but you will have to master and memorize them on your own.

Remember which strikes are used in which move and when, which ones require additional Chi costs to use, and which Chi restores. For example, the successful application of a skill Parry restores 1 Chi, and allows you to use Lunge with maximum acceleration.

We will not describe all the combinations here – in the description of each skill there are both the conditions for its use, and what effects and from what bundles it works.

blade master blade and soulThe main features are speed and counterattacks, with the acquisition of skills acquires deadly combos

The Sword Master has three stances in total. The first, basic one is Fencing. The most versatile stance that allows you to attack and defend with equal effectiveness. Next comes Battojutsu. In it, you have a 20% increase in critical damage, but there is no ability to use some skills (which can be critical in PvP). The third stand is Summoned Blades.

A set of utility skills that changes depending on which stance was previously used. Only in this stance is the skill available Ghost Blades, which allows you to restore Chi well. It is also worth paying attention to the skill Blade Defense – it appears when switching from Swordsmanship, and gives quite good protection to you and your group (useful when tanking).

How to develop a Sword Master? If you want to play as a PvE damage dealer, buff your critical strike chance and damage, overall damage, and accuracy. It will also be useful to pump penetration. It makes sense for a tank to upgrade its defense. In PvP, protection (normal and against crit) is also very useful, in addition, it is worth investing in damage amplification.

How to play Sword Master in PvE

blade and soul master of the swordCharacter control is not difficult, but the ability to dodge or parry attacks will require certain skills from the player.

The start is simple enough. We play from the block (in principle, Parry is our everything). That is, we block the blow, after which we either use the Lunge, or do the Sweep. Lunge is good against a single target – it is quickly applied and deals good damage, and Sweep allows you to topple a group of opponents. Well, the enemies that you “dropped” become vulnerable to many very powerful attacks.

When playing in a group, it is best to go as a tank. This is where the following combination of skills comes in handy: to keep the attention of opponents on yourself, use Continuous Attack, Lightning Strike (very powerful AoE) and Flame (good damage in combination with Chi restoration and increased aggro). Also use skills like Sweep, which deal damage to a group of enemies. Naturally, we constantly use Parry (without it there is nowhere), in case your block is still pierced, we use Counterattack or Evasion.

Sword Master in PvP

blade master in blade and soulIt takes some time to master the skills of this class, but you will realize that you have spent it well when you master the skills of the character

, although perhaps not the strongest (Master of Shadows, perhaps, will still be stronger, although the Master of the Sword can handle him too). There are a lot of different combinations that can be used against other players, but there are a few things that you should definitely know.

First, always remember about controls – in Blade and Soul they play a special role, allowing you to deal much more damage to the enemy.

Secondly, remember about skills that remove control – for example, the Rescue skill. If you are knocked over, use Kick on the legs.

Don’t try to hit your opponent with exceptionally powerful attacks – they eat up your Chi supply very quickly. Use Parry, Flame and other skills that restore Chi, only block when your opponent can no longer stop his attack.

If air attacks are used against you, respond with Cleave or Ascension, they deal very powerful damage to enemies in the air, and besides, they increase evasion quite well. However, you yourself can launch the enemy into flight. To do this, it must be stunned or weakened (for example, with the help of a Shoulder Blow), after which do the Toss.

Master skills, make successful combinations and do not forget about defense – then the game will become truly comfortable for you. After all .


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