Ranger – ranged character with huge damage to enemies

In this guide, we analyze another class from the game R2 Onlinenamely – Ranger. Many people know this class from others. MMO RPGeven if it is called differently there. Hunter, shooter, sniper – as soon as this fighter is not called. One of the few who fights in ranged combat without using classic spells. Another distinctive feature of this character, which is also characteristic of most MMOs, is a very dangerous enemy in PvP. He is quite capable of smashing the enemy from afar, and in the shortest possible time. In this he will be helped by a variety of skills aimed at damage and control.

By the way, it is the ranger that is often recommended for beginners to play. It is not as complex as Assassin, and in terms of ease of development, it takes, perhaps, an honorable second place. Slightly inferior to the Summoner. But – only very little. And, if you like those classes that fight in ranged combat, then the Ranger will be your choice. But enough of the lyrics, let’s move on to the description of our hero.

Main features of the Ranger class

r2 online shooterIn close combat, this class is very weak, so he has all sorts of skills to keep enemies close to him

Our character is a shooter using various bows and guns. Yes, all lovers of fantasy firearms can rejoice – it is here. In close combat, this character is very weak, which means that hand-to-hand combat should not be allowed. To do this, the Ranger has everything you need – a lot of skills that weaken the enemy and strengthen the shooter himself.

Remember, mobility is “our everything”, because if the enemy cannot catch up with us, then he will not be able to impose close combat either. Well, if you are confronted by some magician, then use everything that will help you avoid attacks (yes, our fighter has such skills), and continuously hit back yourself. The advantage of the Ranger in a one-on-one fight is that most of his skills are tailored specifically for such a fight, which means that it’s easier for you to fight.

Our main setting is Agility. Forget Strength and Intelligence, you won’t need them. We select equipment exclusively to increase Dexterity. This stat increases your damage dealt, increases your chance to hit an enemy, as well as your chance to dodge an attack. Where does this lead? We need things specifically to enhance these characteristics – damage, accuracy and evasion. Of course, they should increase Dexterity as well.

Ranger Active and Passive Skills

r2 online ranger treeHow much damage you get depends on a lot of factors.

First, we will analyze the main ones (those that need to be applied). So here they are:

  • powerful shot. We get it at level 10. Our main offensive skill. Deals critical damage to an enemy. Attack power depends on many factors – your Dexterity, what kind of weapon you carry and how well it is sharpened, as well as who your target is. This skill is our main attack. It is cheap, works in any situation – in general, without it we are like without hands.
  • Agile Warrior. Can be learned from level 20. This buff increases our Agility, but not for long. However, an increase to our main stat (together with an increase in defense) will always come in handy. The thing is very useful in any situation.
  • Aimed Shot. Given at level 30. A very handy debuff for us. It reduces the speed and attack of our opponent. We are beaten weaker, and they cannot run away from us either. Useful both for destroying the enemy, and in order to make a “tactical retreat” – simply, it helps to escape in case of emergency.
  • rate of fire. We study it at level 40. What can I say – we attack more often, we do more damage. The only negative is that this buff does not last long. However, this does not prevent us from using it in any suitable situation.
  • Armor Destruction. Can only be obtained at level 50. A killer thing, despite the fact that it does not cause direct damage. Removes one piece of armor from the enemy (cuirass, leggings, something else – chosen randomly), and does not allow it to be put back on for a certain time. If you try, you can thoroughly “undress” the enemy. After that, it becomes very easy to kill him. When fighting heavily armored targets (for example, Warriors), the skill is simply irreplaceable. One problem – the application is expensive.
r2 online passive skills in ranger treeIt’s up to you to decide which passive skills to upgrade. they are all useful

Now let’s move on to . IN common tree we are interested in those that give mana. Vitality is very nice, but our specialty is dealing damage. But choosing between the Trees of Attack and Defense is very difficult. See for yourself.

IN Tree of Attack we can strengthen our powerful shot, as well as the Agile Warrior and Fire Rate buffs. Upgrading means reducing the cost of using it, increasing efficiency, and for buffs, it also means additional duration. In addition, this tree allows us to strengthen our ranged attack and get an additional skill – Firebolt, which, potentially, can become our main attack on the area.

Tree of Protection also very helpful. The skills in it help to avoid damage and various controls, increase the accuracy of attacks, and also give a boost to the Aimed Shot and Armor Break skills – that is, our debuffs. In addition, it is here that we can take two types of Traps: Steel, which simply deals damage, and Sticky, which slows down movement speed.

In conclusion, we can only say that for beginners, we would recommend concentrating on the Attack Tree, but it’s up to you, because the Defense Tree is no less useful. In addition, they can be combined, and some combinations are also quite good.

Ranger video review in R2 Online


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