Guide to the mage in Dark Age

Mage is a fairly common class in the MMORPG world. Often this is due to the extraordinary brilliance of skills and very high damage.

The Mage in Dark Age is available for two races: Vesperians and Humans. The choice of race affects the bonuses that the character will receive from talents.

The mage in Dark Age is characterized by long-range attacks, the ability to control the enemy, massive attacks and a large amount of mana. It should also be noted that he has a small amount of health and low defense. He wears cloth armor and uses magical staves. Mage skills are divided into ordinary and unique. Common ones are learned by both races. Skills are acquired from the appropriate NPCs in Freehold and Hossinger up to level 60, then skills can be obtained by opening sealed scrolls.

The mage has four class features in this game:

1. Thunderstrike – This is a very fast attack spell that can hit multiple enemies at once. In addition, this strike inflicts a paralysis effect.

2. Transformation – a spell that allows you to hypnotize the enemy, with a further transformation into another form. In addition, the spell prohibits the enemy from using skills and abilities.

3. Witchcraft is a support spell that increases the amount of mana of allies.

4. Block of ice – a spell that allows the magician to erect an ice shell around him, which protects against all attacks, but does not allow the magician to cast spells and move.

In addition, Vesperian has racial abilities that allow him to increase his health by 1% and by 15 with mastery of fire and darkness for 30 minutes – “Bloodsucker Strike”. There is a spell that transfers 15% of the target’s health to the caster, it also prevents the enemy from casting spells for 3 seconds. Another race – humans, has a spell that replenishes 25% of mana, removes all negative effects and increases resistance to them. In addition, the amount of health for 30 minutes increases by 0.01 of the maximum and any level of skill increases by 5.

When choosing a magician, you must also decide on the branch of his development. There are three of them: “Fire”, “Thunder” and “Ice”.

The Thunder branch is based on the element of air and is characterized by high critical damage and critical strike chance, high damage during mass attacks, the ability to burn mana to the enemy and skills that allow you to knock back monsters, but there is no control.

Basic spells:

  • Piercing Lightning is a fairly powerful spell, covering up to 16 enemies in a line;
  • Purgatory – a six-level wind attack on the area with a chance to paralyze the target;
  • The power of magic – sacrificing half of his mana, the mage can burn mana to a maximum of 20 opponents.

The branch “Fire” is based on the element of fire. Mages with this branch inflict high damage on both single and multiple targets, and are also able to deal high damage due to skills that deal damage over time. This branch is characterized by low mana consumption and high damage per second.

Basic spells:

  • Majesty of fire – a fire attack on the target and on several nearby enemies;
  • Sparks – defeat the area around the target with a chance of stunning;
  • Fire shield – strengthening one’s own magical protection against fire and physical. damage, increased mastery of fire.

The “Ice” branch is based on the element of water and is characterized by medium damage, but increased survivability and a large amount of control. This branch is popular in PVP.

Basic spells:

  • Ice Shield – increases defense and resistance to magic, also slows down enemies;
  • Kingdom of Cold – attacks several enemies near the target, preventing them from moving;
  • Ice Spike – a snowball that reduces the enemy’s magical defense with a certain chance.

The main role of the magician is of course the role of DD, as he is able to inflict huge damage on both characters and monsters. But you also need to remember that he has a small amount of health and very weak defense, which means that if the enemy comes close to you, then you can die in a split second. The best partner for a mage is a priest.

Do not forget that the game should be fun. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose a character class or development branch according to someone’s instructions. You can choose an approximate build that you should focus on, but no one forbids you to change anything in it and adjust it to your personality. Play and enjoy.


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