Consider the features and advantages of the Kung Fu Master class: for what purposes in the game is it preferable to choose this particular class.

One of the classes in the game “Blade and Soul” is Kung Fu Master. His main difference from other heroes is that he does not use any spells to fight, but only the skills of his own body. Representatives of this class are very experienced warriors who prefer close combat, since it is not difficult for the Kung Fu Master to turn the battle of the enemy against him.

When playing as a Kung Fu Master, it is worth giving preference to close combat, since it is not difficult for the Kung Fu Master to turn the enemy’s battle against him. It is worth saying that it is worth preferring this class for playing alone, because it can be considered the most difficult class in terms of mastering.

This class can not boast of a high level of health and protection. However, it has other things that make it specifically different from other classes. The positive side is that most of the abilities can be used without much preparation time. Representatives of this class are able to restore energy during the time when they are not in battle. Those skills that these heroes have are represented by combinations. And they can do a lot of damage to a single target.

Kung Fu Master Skills

As already mentioned, Kung Fu Masters have a fairly large number of abilities that use mainly their hands. It is worth being prepared for the fact that at first the game will be quite difficult with energy, so for quite a long time the game will focus on using the Stout Fist.

Below will be listed:

  • Counterattack – an ability that can be used from the first level, thanks to it, the attack of the enemy is blocked, while it is thrown aside and stunned.
  • Sweep – This skill will initially be used as a normal control of the enemy, knocking him down for two seconds, but then, in the process of development, he will become part of the combination.
  • Suppression is an ability that only makes sense later. Subsequently serves as ice protection.
  • Withdrawal is a skill that serves as a way out of a difficult situation. Moreover, with the help of this skill, the Kung Fu Master turns out to be invulnerable to the blows of the enemy for a certain period, while he can use some skills, such as “rain blow” or “killing blow”.
  • Quick Fist – an ability due to which the hero sharply approaches the enemy, after which he is inflicted constant damage for some time.
  • Displacement and Approach are abilities that become available only from the eighth level, absolutely serve as a replacement for Withdraw.
  • Flying Kick is a skill that knocks down an opponent and gains a few moments of control. It also has the advantage that it can be activated while boosting or hovering. It is worth saying that this skill is considered the most necessary and in demand, because over time the enemy can be destroyed in a couple of seconds.
  • Triplet is a skill that allows you to stun opponents. From the thirty-fourth level, this ability is replaced by others.
  • It is worth saying that a hero can often be equipped with Brass Knuckles of the Labyrinth. You will have to buy them at the entrance to the dungeon and give gold coins with a relic for it. Also, for the development of equipment, precious stones will serve, including a hexagonal amethyst, a hexagonal diamond. As well as stones that increase resistance. And those that increase damage to a stunned enemy. However, you should think about it only after the forty-fifth level.

Strengths and Vulnerabilities of a Kung Fu Master


The Kung Fu Master class differs from others in that it is relatively difficult to learn skills, but it will do the best job of destroying a single target and should be chosen if the player prefers to play a solo game.


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