10 rules for beginners

Hello pilots. This time it was pilots, not tankers, since this guide is dedicated exclusively to War Thunder aircraft.

In this article, you will find ten tips on how to win battles, what are the main mistakes new pilots make, and how to play as efficiently as possible.

If you started playing recently, then read this guide, it will save you a lot of time and effort. Well, veterans of the game probably won’t learn anything new here.

So, the main ten secrets that will help you come to victory.

1. Get high

Climbing is a critical element of historical combat. It’s the first thing you do when you take off. You take off, set from 15 to 25 degrees and gain altitude. Remember – who is higher, he imposes the initiative. During the war, the aircraft that was higher often won – and in the game. I emphasize that more often than not the one with the coolest plane wins, but the one who is taller than his opponent. After all, the one who is higher can both leave and attack in a timely manner.

2. Target Priority Selection

If you are flying a single-engine fighter with medium armament and you have the choice of attacking a bomber or another fighter, destroy the fighter – as this aircraft can shoot down not only you. Yes, and to shoot down this plane is much easier than a heavy armored beaver.

3. Make the enemy descend

This is especially true if the Germans are fighting against you. Try to drop your opponent below by any means. A German without height is the one who lost. After all, below the Germans usually do not maneuver. Therefore, we try not to even kill the enemy, but simply to drive him from a height so that he loses this very important advantage.

4. Shoot from short distances

Aim at the most vulnerable spots of your opponents. Before shooting, it is also very important to reduce the distance as much as possible – optimally 300-400 meters. Opening fire at long range greatly increases the chance of a miss, and besides, you can scare off the enemy, wasting precious ammo. Therefore, shoot only close when the enemy can no longer get away from you.

5. Save your ammo

If on some German aircraft the ammunition is huge, then on the Speedfire or Soviet Yaks and Lavochkins, the ammunition is extremely limited. It’s not worth spending shells anywhere. So shoot in short bursts and only from close range.

6. Shoot at the engine, wings, tail, pilot…

In other words, shoot not just in the direction of the aircraft, but at the most vulnerable places, primarily the engine. Hitting it even with weak guns leads to very strong damage. If the enemy turns sideways to you, this is a great reason to shoot at his wings. If the enemy turned his tail to you, destroy the most important thing – the elevators, and he will fall.

7. Always keep an eye on the enemy

If there are many opponents around you, never lose sight of them, and then, most likely, they will not hit you. Keep them from aiming by constantly maneuvering and constantly looking at them. Thus, you will not let them drive you into a dead zone and attack you at a moment when you do not expect it. And if you are in control, you have a great chance of escaping in historical battles.

8. Choose the right weapons and fuel

If you are a long-range flyer or like to fly at high altitude a lot, choose more fuel. Because if you take, say, 20 minutes, gaining a little in maneuverability, you can find yourself in a situation where you still have ammunition, but simply no fuel, in which case you will have nothing left but to sit down, and there you shot alive.

9. Maneuver under flak fire

If you find yourself under anti-aircraft guns, maneuver, but not from side to side, but up-straight-down-straight-up-straight and so on. The anti-aircraft guns have a lead marker, and if you change your direction, they will not be able to hit you. True, airfield anti-aircraft guns are much stronger.

10. Don’t do it!

  • do not go to the forehead,
  • don’t ram
  • do not attack the beavers from the tail,
  • do not fly under air defense,
  • don’t get carried away by one opponent.

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