Many beginners often have a question – what kind of class is this, Fearless Warrior? Brief description – melee fighter, with good defense, aimed at dealing damage. A classic walking meat grinder with good protection. He does not tank very well, but this character has survivability – certainly higher than that of the Wizard or Warlock. It is a class that can be recommended to a beginner – the Fearless Warrior forgives some mistakes in the gameplay, and allows you to learn how to play without much suffering in the process. But in order to give really good results (and not to hit an easy target in PvP) you have to work hard. Although, the result is worth it.
In this guide, we will consider the general direction of development of this character, his main features and, separately, his role in PvP. Well, we started.

Class Introduction: Fearless Warrior

Main features of the Fearless Warrior class

Fearless Warrior in Neverwinter

The primary characteristic of this class is Strength, the secondary characteristics are Dexterity and Endurance. With Strength, he deals the main damage, Agility gives the chance of a critical hit and parry, and Endurance increases survivability. A separate feature of the Fearless Warrior is that almost any race suits them for the game. Although a half-orc is best for PvE, and a halfling is best for PvP. The weapons used by our fighter are various two-handed weapons. No shields, for our best defense is offense.

The main difficulty when playing this class is to be able to get close to the enemy at a striking distance. In addition, many of his skills are aimed at AoE damage, but are not as effective against single targets, although this is not a big drawback. The two main leveling paths for the Fearless Warrior are the Sword Master and the Iron Vanguard. Master of the Sword was intended to be the main option for PvE.

Deals excellent damage to both singles and groups of enemies, but is weak in controls, which is why it suffers greatly in PvP. Although, if this fighter manages to pinch the enemy, no one will leave him alive. However, if you really want to fight in battle with other players, take the path of the Iron Vanguard. There are controls here, which are very useful in PvP, and damage skills, which will help in PvE. And we will consider this particular path, since it surpasses the Sword Master in almost everything.

Also, the Fearless Warrior has three paths of the ideal – these are the Instigator, Destroyer and Guardian. The first path, the Instigator has the most CC and is especially good in PvP, although many skills will be very good in combat against mobs. Next comes the Destroyer. As you can imagine, it is aimed at the most effective destruction of opponents. No controls, which makes this branch not very useful when fighting other players, but it works great in PvE. And, finally, the last, third way – the Guardian is a tanking Fearless Warrior. Not the most popular leveling branch – as a tank, our fighter is inferior to other classes of this type, and therefore he is rarely taken to dungeons.

Build for the Fearless Warrior in PvP

The first thing you need to understand is that in PvP your damage is not as important as your survivability and control abilities. This means that the priorities for the main parameters are changing. Strength is no longer so important, but the value of Endurance and Agility increases. Some players recommend not developing Strength at all. Instead, the suggestion is to split your skill points between your secondary stats (i.e. Agility and Endurance) equally. Swinging in the Iron Vanguard spec, and developing the path of the Instigator ideal. It makes sense to develop the path of the ideal to the end, although, first of all, we will be interested in those abilities that allow you to control enemies – that is, slowdowns, stuns, silence (against casters) and the like.

From free skills, we need Accurate and Master Strikes, as well as Threatening Rush. Among combat skills, Punitive Onslaught, Mighty Blink and Push are especially important for us, which allow you to quickly close the distance with the enemy or get out of the fire. Equally useful is the Unstoppable Combat Attack, which, when killing a target, restores your Action Points, and also increases damage to all nearby enemies. For crowd control, use Frontal Wave, and for self-healing and additional damage, use Recovery Strike. Among the daily skills, Crescendo and Unbridled Force are useful. For the rest – take everything that can control enemies or get rid of controls on you.


Who will be interested in this class? Here the answer is very simple – if you like to break into a crowd of enemies and grind them into minced meat – then you will definitely like the Fearless Warrior. Several interesting leveling paths, convenient class mechanics and equally high efficiency in PvP and PvE – that’s what we can say about this fighter. No tricks, no cheating – just classic close combat, simple and merciless. And so – good luck to you on the first line!


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