Faceless in Prime World

Mask, White Mask, Faceless. It is called by different names, but the essence of this does not change. He is a killer. One who primarily hunts enemy heroes, primarily those who are already weakened by battles with his allies. In a sense, the Mask is not a killer, but an executioner, since it is his finishing blows that are most powerful. However, this class, being extremely dangerous due to its critical hits, loses to many other classes due to the lack of area-of-effect skills, and therefore it is not particularly effective in mass skirmishes. But when catching individual opponents, especially those who cannot boast of a large supply of health, it is indispensable. The highest mobility, strong and frequent critical hits, multiplied by the ability to blind the enemy – all this makes the Mask a very … unpleasant and unnerving hero. So let’s do our calculations:


  • The highest mobility;
  • The highest increase in combat effectiveness from the mind and will;
  • Fast buildup after level 14;
  • The ability to blind;
  • Very high chance of “last hit” (aka last hit);


  • Lack of AOE skills;
  • It is difficult to swing up to level 14;
  • Low damage at the beginning;
  • Constant problems with mana;
  • Inability to push lanes;

Already from all of the above, it is clear that the Mask is a difficult character to play. However, if they get the hang of it, they can cause a lot of trouble for the opposing team. How exactly? Read on and find out.

Key Features of the Mask

The mask is a rather unusual killer. Usually, in any game Agility (Agility, Speed, Resourcefulness, etc.) is very important for this class. But the Mask replaces physical agility with mental agility. That is, its main power is Reason. Therefore, it can be called a kind of mage-killer. But okay, enough lyrics, let’s move on to the specifics.

So, the main characteristic of the Mask is Reason. Why? There are several reasons. The fact is that all his talents to one degree or another depend on the mind. For example, the health threshold at which Finisher is triggered depends entirely on the Mind, as well as the amount of health restored (only works on home ground). And the damage of Blades of Darkness completely depends on the Intelligence indicator. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that this particular characteristic is the main one for the Mask.

The second most important characteristic of this hero is cunning. There are only two reasons, but very important ones. Firstly, cunning increases the chance of a critical hit, which is often critical for the Mask (sorry for the involuntary pun). Secondly, the level of penetration depends on it, which is also very important for this killer.

Of course, even such a trickster will need at least some level of health parameter. Otherwise, it comes out too glassy, ​​and no amount of damage will save it.

Well, the last of the parameters useful for the Mask can be called Will. By the way, it is for this characteristic that he has the greatest increase, so by gradually increasing it, you can get amazing results.

Characteristics that can be considered useless for the Faceless are Strength, Agility and Fortitude. The level of survivability increase due to these characteristics is so negligible that it is simply pointless to spend points on them.

Main Talents for Mask

So, now let’s move on to talents. Let’s consider all six shooting ranges sequentially. I will not indicate all absolutely talents, but I will indicate those that are necessary.

First Tier

1. Internal energy (mana regeneration);
2. Natural Mind (gives Mind);
3. Natural Cunning (gives Cunning);

Second Tier

1. Vigor of the ancients (mana regeneration);
2. Regeneration of the ancients (health regeneration);
3. Reflection of deceit (gives Cunning);

Third Tier

1. Internal reserves (increased regeneration from blinks and dagger throws);
2. The path of the magician (gives Mind);
3. Tenacious cunning (gives Cunning);
4. Memory of the Ancients (gives Reason);

fourth tier

1. Temptation (gives Reason);
2. Sophisticated mind (gives Reason and Cunning);
3. Shroud of shadow (invisibility);
4. Secret of Cunning (gives Cunning);

Fifth Tier

1. Will to win (gives a lot of Will);
2. Remarkable Mind (gives Mind and health);
3. Insidious intention (gives Will and Cunning);
4. Destructive Cunning (Gives Cunning);

Tier six

1. Distortion of thought (gives a lot of Intelligence and Cunning);
2. Cobra’s Cunning (gives a lot of Cunning and some health);
3. Absolute barrier (gives Will, Fortitude and helps to escape from the focus);

If you’ve noticed, all the talents I’ve listed are orange or purple. Until you have such steepness, get by with weaker ones with similar effects. In addition, be sure to collect everything from the orange ones that gives access to the Dark Message set, which is very useful for the Mask.

To summarize or how to play them?

Mask is a hero for cautious and prudent players. He can’t climb into hell in any way, as well as become his chest to protect the line if opponents press on it. Useless. His task is to hunt individual heroes. After the kill – an instant retreat, since this character does not complain about the lack of mobility. In general, for everyone who likes to engage in shooting enemy heroes, stealth tactics and ambushes – this character suits all of you just perfectly. Good hunting!


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