Crusader – one of the ways to develop the Swordsman class

This time we will discuss such a class as Crusader. I’ll make a reservation right away – it is not an independent class, this is just one of the ways of development swordsman. If you want to get an idea of ​​what it’s like to play this character, think back to the classic paladins found in many other games. That is, he uses heavy armor, has healing skills, fights in close combat. The main and most obvious specialization is tanking, since a high level of defense combined with the ability to self-heal helps a lot here. The crusader can also work as a support class – that is, healing and protecting allies. If desired, from the cross (as players often call it) you can also make a damage dealer, who quite successfully smashes enemies in close combat.

This class can be recommended to beginners in order to get acquainted with the basics of Royal Quest game mechanics in more comfortable conditions. Indeed, on the one hand, the Crusader does not impose special requirements on the player’s skills and forgives mistakes, and on the other hand, it allows you to try yourself in any of the roles on the battlefield – a tank, healer or damage dealer. So, let’s talk about the main features of this class.

Basic parameters of the Crusader class

crusader royal quest optionsThe choice of parameters for the Crusader will depend on which specialization you go for: tank, healer or damage dealer

Spending points for the buildup of certain parameters depends on what kind of role we take on. Let me remind you that there are four parameters in total – Strength, Dexterity, Endurance and Luck.

affects the level of attack, that is, directly increases the damage dealt. As you understand, this is one of the main parameters for the damage dealer. In addition, the attack increases the effectiveness of healing abilities, which means that Strength is very important for the Healing Crusader.

– the least important parameter for our warrior. Attack speed is not so important to him, but only for this Dexterity is required.

for the cross is as important as Strength. It gives an increase in health points (which is important for a tank) and increases energy reserves (which will not be superfluous for any build).

And finally, . It should be downloaded by those who want to pump out the damage cross, because this parameter increases the chance of a critical hit. For those who are going to tank or heal, it makes sense to increase Luck only when Strength and Endurance are brought to the maximum.

Another stat that all Swordsmen have, including the Crusader, is . She is recruited in battle (including with the help of certain skills and talents), and is spent on strengthening certain abilities.

Skills and Talents of the Warrior of Light

crusader royal quest skills and talentsAlso, each specialization has its own skills and talents.

Different options for the development of the Crusader require different skills and talents.

Let’s start with the tank. He needs, first of all, those skills that increase the aggression of mobs and make them attack our fighter. These are, in particular, Round Strike, Taunt, War Shout and Retribution. You will also need skills that increase survivability – these are Perfect Protection, Steel Protection, Steel Health, Seal: Guardian Angel and Aura Shield. In critical situations, use Reliable Protection. Of the talents, take all that increase our survivability, those that can increase incoming healing or speed up the cooldown of skills will also come in handy. In principle, all branches will be useful to us, with the exception of Valor, which is aimed solely at increasing damage.

Next we’ll take a look at the Healing Crusader. To heal allies, he will need skills such as Beam of Light, Banner of Light, and Holy Touch. In order to protect the party members, the following skills will come in handy – Aura Light, Planar Barrier, Steel Defense and Strong Defense. As you can see, some skills are similar to those used by the tank, only in this case they are needed in order to protect not themselves, but their allies. Of the talents, the healer needs, first of all, those that are in the Holiness branch. We will also need the Aura Shield from Protection and Furious Combat from Mastery to accumulate Fury. In addition, pay special attention to all the skills that increase attack and speed up the cooldown of skills – the cross has very few direct healing skills, which means that it is imperative to increase their effectiveness in all possible ways.

And last we will look at the Crusader, swung to deal damage. Maximum effectiveness can be achieved by increasing the proc chance and critical strike damage. The choice of skills is simple – we take everything that can cause damage. I especially recommend paying attention to Warrior’s Strike and Aura Blade from the Skill and Valor talent branches, respectively – they not only deal damage, but also blind the enemy. Holy Punishment, Heroic Strike, Flurry, and Justice Strike will also come in handy. You will also need Crushing Blow (reduces enemy armor) and Wrath (slows down enemies). Use Heretic’s Brand on your primary target to boost your own attacks. Of the talents, we are interested in two branches – Mastery and Valor. Here, again, we take everything that enhances the damage we inflict.

Video guide: Crusader in Royal Quest


The Crusader is an interesting and fairly versatile class that will always find a use on the battlefield. It is almost perfect for beginners, while experienced players can try to achieve high results using non-standard combinations of skills and talents.

And good luck on your path of Light!


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