Hunter is a class, all the skills of which are aimed at breaking the distance between yourself and the enemy. Very dynamic, you won’t get bored.

In Game Royal Quest There are many interesting classes, and each of them has its own characteristics. But even among all this diversity Hunter is one of the most original characters. A shooter who does not use magic can use a wide variety of traps, and is also able to tame various animals.

Calling the Hunter the strongest class is not going to work – he does not have a “Kill them all” button, almost all controls work exclusively on one target, and in order to use many skills, you need to have a good understanding of the game mechanics. But all this is offset by the original gameplay and many abilities that allow. With this, we end the introduction and move on to the guide itself.

The main features of the Hunter class

Hunt Royal QuestYour character’s clothing and weapons are the most important aspect of playing as a Hunter. Not only survival in PVP, but also the speed of pumping depends on how your Hunter is dressed.

In order to become a Hunter, you will need to select a Shooter when creating your character. It will not be easy for them to swing, but you will make it to level 20. And here you will have a choice between the Hunter and Sniper classes. Of course, now we choose the Hunter. The main characteristics of this hero are Accuracy, Agility, Endurance And Luck. In different builds, they are pumped in different ways, but in most cases they are pumped to the limit either by Dexterity or Accuracy (from Dexterity, the damage is higher, but Accuracy gives a more stable increase). Luck gives us an increased chance of a critical hit (it is not recommended for beginners to download a crit, so we leave this parameter for more experienced players), but Endurance increases survivability, which will not be superfluous for a beginner.

The weapons our character uses are bows and guns. And the choice here falls, paradoxically, on the bow. The fact is that many of the Hunter’s abilities are tied to the use of bows, and do not work with guns. Of course, firearms have slightly higher DPS (which is damage per second), but even in PvE this does not help much, because the absence of some skills greatly affects both the overall damage dealt and (which is also important) survivability.

hunter royal questHunter is one of the fastest leveling classes in the game, at least up to level 40.

What else is interesting Hunt (Yes, the Hunter is sometimes called that)? Traps. One of the most fun parts of the game for this character. We have a slow trap, we have a immobilization trap (especially useful against melee fighters), we have a frightening trap, and even an ice trap that can be learned in the Traps talent tree. By the way, the last device is considered an ult, and at the same time it is far from the most powerful, but there are situations in which it is useful (because it is a very good control). There are also mechanisms that are not traps, but are very useful in combat. This is Zhuzha and Scarecrow. The Buzz is a sort of small helicopter that can either drop bombs on enemies’ heads or bring healing potions, depending on which skill you use. And the Scarecrow distracts enemies on itself, which helps a lot in PvE if you are pinned down by a crowd of mobs.

And finally, the last ability of the Hunter is the skill. Their characteristics always depend on yours, and these animals differ in their attack range and in what elemental attack is inherent in them (some use fire, others use ice, and so on). For PvE, Fire elemental pets are best, and in PvP (if you still decide to try your hand at other players), pets that use the Earth will come in handy. How to find out what element your “animal” uses? Just tame it and look at the skills.

How to pump out the Hunter

royal quest guideIn total we have 4 branches of talents, in each branch there are only 12 talents, we can only choose half of them. At the end of each branch there is an active skill (12th talent).

There are many very interesting and useful builds here, but we will consider the one that is best for a beginner who does not yet have powerful equipment and special experience in the game. You pump, first of all, Accuracy, and pump Agility and Endurance a little less (equally). Luck can not download at all. Unless, quite a bit – we need a crit chance here no higher than 25-30% (and that’s the maximum).

As a result, you get a character with a powerful attack, good dodge and a good supply of health (yes, those same hit points). When you level up, don’t throw everything into Accuracy at once! Good damage is very useful, of course. But if you are not a very experienced player (and most likely you are), you will not be able to move away from mobs without taking damage at all. So, you still need Endurance and Dexterity.

So, what skills should you pay attention to? Let’s start from the end, that is, with survival skills. Strong hit and Dull arrow knock enemies away from you, Rebound allows you to break the distance if there is somewhere to go, and camouflage makes your entire group invisible for 6 seconds. The last skill can be very useful in PvP, if used correctly (invisibility, you can move freely, if that).

Of the attacking abilities, I recommend paying attention to traps – Thorn, Trap and, as a result, Ice Trap. With their help, you will not let the mobs get to you, and the Ice Trap will allow you to painlessly destroy entire packs of opponents. What to destroy? In all possible ways, in particular, here you can use the Battle Whistle (call Zhuzha to drop the bomb) and the Scarecrow, which will temporarily distract the opponents.

royal questThe class can be called “Antisinovskiy”, it has an order of magnitude more skills in order to take Assassins out of invisibility than other classes.

The talent flow is as follows. First, we take the branch of the Trap and pump it all the way to the Ice Trap. Here it is recommended to take Hidden Gears (adds poison damage to all traps), Explosive Lure (now the Scarecrow explodes when destroyed), and Trap Thrower, which will allow you to throw all your “surprises” right at the feet of opponents.

In the Survival branch, choose for yourself what you like best – for example, Maul will be useful for a pet, and Defensive Tactics should be taken to increase survival. But, in any case, one of the most useful skills here will be Buzzing Arrows. When activated, any critical strike has a chance to summon Juju with a bomb.

In Hunt, it’s worth getting to Hail of Fire, and in Shooting, to Deep Wounds. Decide for yourself what to download earlier, but this order is recommended – after Traps you take Hunting, then Shooting, and then Survival (although you can take it after Traps). This build is intended, first of all, for comfortable pumping in PvE, as well as passing through various dungeons. But it can also be used in PvP, provided the skills are used correctly.


Hunter is a very versatile class, with very interesting, although not the easiest, gameplay. It is recommended to anyone who likes unusual solutions and interesting combat tactics. And good luck hunting!


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