Naval content is one of the main advantages of this game over other MMO RPGs.

In MMO RPG ArcheAge there are many interesting possibilities. You can explore the world, engage in trade or farming, build buildings and do many other, much more interesting things. This is one of those games where you can from the very beginning go on a “free ride”, and independently decide what to apply their efforts to, and what to spend time on. Moreover, when we talk about free navigation, we often say it in the literal sense of the word – after all, there is an opportunity to build a sailboat and engage in cargo transportation, piracy and God knows what else.

There are several types of ships in the game, from small boats to large flagships, and you can get all of them. True, do not expect it to be easy – the construction of even the most modest ship will require considerable resources, and for the sake of the Black Pearl or the Double-Deck Ship, you will have to sweat very well. Although, it will all pay off handsomely.

The basics of using the ship

ArcheAge ship guideUnderwater farms, treasure hunting, piracy, shipping, combat and much more.

Learning how to steer your boat is not that difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, as obvious as this advice may seem to you (thank you, Cap), don’t sail until your entire party has boarded the ship and the goods (if any) have been loaded on board. After that you can leave. Although, before that it is better to study all the controls.

So, let’s sail. That does not work? So you didn’t raise anchor. And keep in mind that any player can raise and lower the anchor, not only members of your team, so remember this in case of boarding, and do not let opponents to the anchor capstan. After the anchor has been raised, one of the crew members, or the owner of the vessel himself, must take the helm.

The controls are simple, with the left and right arrows we turn the ship, and forward and backward we set the direction of movement. And in order to start this very movement, it is necessary to raise the sails. Now you can go sailing, just try not to run aground. Determining the depth is not at all difficult – the lighter the water, the closer the bottom to the surface of the water. So, in dark water the ship is safe.

Let’s talk a little about naval battles. Naval vessels in the game have many different characteristics, such as durability, speed, maneuverability, armor, and mass (which plays a role when ramming). And many more ships are equipped with cannons, which are the main weapon (which is not surprising) during naval battles. Only team members can use these weapons. The technique is simple – just stand behind the gun, point it (there is no auto-aim here) and shoot. Projectiles damage not only the ship, but also cause damage to the team.

By the way, in addition to such simple and obvious things as piracy, cargo transportation or battlesship can apply and to search for underwater treasures. Here you will need a lot of different equipment. We will not list everything, but know that it is for this business that you can use a submarine, which is considered a type of mount used exclusively in water. But, when we roughly figured out what the ship is for, we need to understand how exactly you can get it. And we will talk about this now.

How to get a ship in ArcheAge

ArcheAgeThe developers tried to reveal the marine theme as much as possible and made many moments that you will not find in any other game.

Any ship requires a blueprint. There are several ways to get this item, depending on what kind of ship you are building. Those blueprints that can be bought are sold in the Mirage. You can get there using the portal. Then go to the pier, choose the model of the ship you want to assemble, and then from this very model you get a drawing for the construction of this or that watercraft.

There are ships (the already mentioned Black Pearl or Double Deck) whose blueprints can only be knocked out of monsters. For example, for the Black Pearl, you need to collect several dozen scraps that are knocked out of a variety of monsters (the process is long and not the easiest). And in order to build a Double-Deck Ship, you need to defeat the Leviathan raid boss. Again, this will not be an easy task.

Ship blueprints are by no means cheap, but keep in mind that difficulties do not end after the purchase. First, you need to build a shipyard – this can be done if you use a blueprint and you will have all the list of required resources.

The shipyard can only be placed on the coast. And after that, you will already have to deliver the resources necessary for the ship to the construction site. And there are two difficulties. First, it will take a lot of resources. First for the shipyard, and then for the ship (yes, the construction of the shipyard and the construction of the ship occur separately). And secondly, after the construction of the shipyard, it will be invulnerable to attacks for three days, after which it can be destroyed by ill-wishers.

After the ship is ready, it must be launched. It takes place solemnly and with pomp, and it is very pleasant to watch this process. And, upon completion, the ship appears in your backpack, and can be called anywhere on the coast (or right on the high seas). Now do with it what you see fit.

Speaking of possibilities – by changing its appearance or characteristics.

Of course, this is not done for free, but the result will be worth it. Either the ship will look the way you like, or (which is equally important) will be improved in one way or another. It will become faster, stronger, acquire additional equipment – in general, it all depends on you. And good luck on the sea!


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