In Ark Age, the character leveling process is made simple, interesting and not very long compared to many other Korean MMORPGs, and the character is pumped faster thanks to the completion of quests. It is about quests that will be discussed here most of all. We list the most useful rules that help you quickly level up in the game.

1). Complete quests as they appear. You should not try to get around a couple of cities at once in order to take a dozen quests. Then you will have to run back and forth many times to complete all the lines. But if you find yourself in a city, village or camp, then you should bypass all the local NPCs. For some, the quests may coincide, and pumping will go faster.

2). Perhaps the most important rule – do not skip the main quest chain. She will guide you through the locations so that you have time to visit everywhere and raise the level according to the passage. In addition, it has an interesting plot, thanks to which the passage will not be boring, and a large number of awards will definitely not be superfluous in the future.

3). Hidden quests – forget about them. They don’t play an important role. Experience for them is reaped a little, and looking for them is more difficult than regular tasks. Do not bother with them, otherwise they will only slow down your pumping.

4). Also, do not bother with tasks related to professions, ala plant a tree or craft armor. If you have already decided on professions, then complete quests in them. If you’re new to the game, you can make all of them to get a little familiar with ArcheAge’s crafting system. However, for fast pumping, this is not necessary.

5). Never skip hunting quests. They are convenient in that they are passed very quickly, experience is normally given for them, and no one needs to take them.

6). Don’t try to pass inst RB the ones that will be just under your level. It will be very difficult to pass, and the resulting gear will not pay off the effort and time spent. It will be faster to level up on regular quests. Later, after five levels, you will be able to pass the inst very quickly and without any effort.

7). The situation is similar with the pumping of professions. Believe me, it will be much easier to do this at level 50. You will have much more free time, especially with a quick mount and some amount of gold in reserve.

8). There will be a lot of tasks, so do not slow down by reading the description for each. The map will show you where to go and what to do.

9). Well, the last extreme is to take a premium account. His buff will significantly increase the percentage of gained experience, and pumping will go faster.

Basically, following these simple rules, you can quickly level up a character in Arc Age. If you want to not only level up, but also get to know the game better, some rules can be broken. For example, the dialogues in the main quest chain are quite interesting. Well, there are just fun tasks that dilute the atmosphere of the ArcheAge game.

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