With release Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012, and the subsequent revitalization of CS as an esport, the game, in the eyes of the public, has become something more than ever before, and this has attracted a huge amount of fresh meat. If you are one of those players who have been tempted by the popularity of the game, then this article will help you avoid becoming the number 1 target.

Since the release of the game in 1999, CS has always had a reputation for being one of the hardest games for beginners. Everyone who played it has a horror story of how they were defeated and torn apart by opponents when they first entered the game, and countless players over the past fifteen years did not dare to start, frightened by the complex mechanics of the game.

1. Training, training and more training

CS training
As already mentioned, CS is not the easiest game. You will not become a top player in one match. The only way to get better is to play, play again and again. After reading the entire guide, you will find tips on how to stop being a piece of meat for other players, how to optimize the time spent in the game, but there is no way in the world to become the best at Counter strikewithout wasting a lot of time on it. On any server, you can see those who have spent 1000+ hours in the game. I’ve already played 481 hours, but I’m still considered a mediocre player.

2. Keep your settings in order

settings in CS
You need to start with the correct and competent settings of your personal computer and game. There is no “correct game settings” button in CS, everything will have to be selected and configured manually so that your desires match the capabilities of your own computer. Don’t forget to make sure you’re getting at least 64 frames per second, because that’s what “tickrate» on official servers CS:GO (i.e. this is how often you exchange data with the server, how close the game is to reality).

3. Game Deathmatch (“fight to death”)

Deathmatch game in CS
This is a game mode where there are no goals and rounds and where you do not have to worry about money at all. This is a pure shooter from CS, direct destruction of the enemy. There is no downtime here, unlike in a real match, and it is the fastest way to learn how to control a weapon, learn the recoil time and understand what style of shooting and when to use it. The disadvantage of this mode is the lack of brain load, you will not learn the tactics of a team game or how to outwit the enemy. deathmatch is just a good way to learn the behavior of all firearms in the game.

4. Knowledge of aim-maps of the game

aim maps in Counter Strike
This training method smacks of the old school and few people use it today, but I find it very useful for practicing sniper rifle aim accuracy. Aim cards – these are maps designed specifically so that you have a clear goal, for example, on most maps the height of the walls is just about the shoulder of the enemy, well, how to miss the opportunity to make a good headshot. This needs to be learned and practiced as often as possible, because the competent use of shooting points can give a huge advantage over the enemy.

5. Watch master classes

CS GO master classes
There are talented CS:GO players who constantly upload live matches to show off their skills. You can learn a lot from the pros just by watching them play. Teamwork, implementation of tactics, secrets on the maps – all the secrets on a silver platter especially for you. Someone will disagree with me and say, you just need to play more, but I know how it helped me. A healthy mix of streaming and practice has done wonders for my in-game skills.

Major events are held several times a year CS:GO tournamentswhich are especially useful for beginners to watch, because matches are commented on by people familiar with all the intricacies of the game.

Always try to think what can be done better and how to do it in order to become a worthy CS player. Start playing from the lowest level matches to learn how to endure everything. With a little practice, you’ll start climbing up the steep rankings, but there’s still a lot to learn to keep from staying at the very bottom. Here are some more tips to help you keep improving.

6. Play with people who are better than you.

CS:GO battle
The advantage of such matches cannot be overestimated, because playing with more experienced players and suffering embarrassing losses, you learn faster. You will learn a lot of new things and learn the tactics of the game, but be prepared for constant and crushing defeats.

7. Focus on the importance of the weapon

counter strike weapons
By increasing your game skills, you get to the next, higher level and notice that the same weapon is used here. Everyone knows which weapon is the most effective and useful in an average CS match: playing as terrorists, you must master AK-47defending the honor of the special forces your choice falls on M4A4 or M4A1-Sbut if you want to play one of the main roles, namely to be a sniper (there is only one sniper in a team of 5 or more players), then buy AWP. Of course, you can buy other weapons, but when you get to a higher rank of the game, most often you will use only these weapons, for economic and practical reasons.

8. Lower your mouse sensitivity

counter strike mouse settings
It sounds strange enough, but for sure your mouse sensitivity is set more than necessary. Most professionals use the value 400 DPI (number of dots per 2.54 cm), mouse slider set to 2.0. I will not say that this is exactly what will suit you, especially if you are used to a higher mouse speed. It will take some time to get used to the new settings. But trust me, it’s worth it. The sight will become clearer and faster, and as a result – more frags.

9. Learn the names of positions on the map

counter strike names of positions on the map
Any place on the game map has a name that all players use to warn where the enemy is hiding. Usually these are dumb terms that mean something completely different from what you knew about them before, for example, words like “generator” or “jungle” or “podium”. It will take a lot of time to memorize all the names, but it is impossible to achieve superiority on the map without communicating with your team, so take the trouble to learn at least a couple.

10. Economic component of CS

end of match in CS GO
One of the fun things that makes CS strategically interesting is how to make money. At the end of each match, whether it ended in a loss or a win, you receive money; the winners have more jackpot. Make sure that everyone on your team has enough money to buy equipment and weapons before the start of each round, because success in competitive mode depends on this. Sometimes you have to tie your belt tighter and save money, these are the so-called “eco-rounds”, when you have to go at the enemy only with pistols, so that in the next round all members of your team have funds for a “full purchase”. Don’t waste money when others are saving.

11. Learn how to properly throw grenades

grenades in CS
Most CS:GO maps have very convenient and really useful places to throw a smoke or flash grenade. You can’t just go out and throw a grenade, you risk getting a bullet in the forehead, but you can use the walls, poles, boxes and boxes that are next to you so that the grenade bounces and hits the bullseye. There are a huge number of videos on the Internet that will show you exactly where these places are on the maps and teach you how to properly throw a smoke grenade to hit the target. This video shows all important caches for spreading smoke and sonic grenades on de_dust2, the most popular CS:GO map. A quick YouTube search will find a whole bunch of similar videos for all the cards. Download, turn on the training mode and start practicing the spread of grenades.

12. Reload in time

reloading weapons in counter strike
If you only have a couple of rounds left in your clip, and you can smell the enemy approaching, do not try to start reloading, so as not to be taken by surprise. Reloading takes time and should only be done while being safe from enemy fire. If you run out of bullets during a firefight, switch to a pistol, it will be much faster than trying to reload during a fight.

13. Learn to be patient

counter strike global offensive match
When playing as SWAT, you will see the same error in low-level matches – the impatience of the counter-terrorists. Special Forces work, take positions and prevent terrorists from planting bombs. If you forget your direct duties, and start wandering around the map in search of enemies, then the smart enemy team will eliminate you as soon as you move. The terrorists severely punish the special forces who left the position.

14. Team play

counter strike go team game
The composition of the team is very important. Before buying, see what your team has bought. If someone has already purchased AWP, then you definitely don’t need a second sniper (there is of course an exception if you want to learn how to master it, but it’s better not to risk it). Don’t be greedy if you have enough money to buy an extra rifle and a teammate doesn’t have any money, just drop him an extra weapon, your back will be safer. CS is a team game, play accordingly!

15. Calmness, only calmness!

Counter Strike GO
It’s no secret what emotions a player gets when he loses. But moaning and whining will not help anyone, on the contrary, everyone begins to quietly hate you. No need to shout and get angry, justify your loss out loud, get together and calmly finish the round. If you can’t do this, then just don’t spoil the rest of the mood, and postpone the debriefing until the end of the game.
I hope these tips help make your journey into the exciting world of Counter-Strike smoother. Start from the bottom, constantly train and hone your skills, learn to enjoy the game and one day you will find yourself at the very top of the rating ladder.

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