Trickster Rogue in Neverwinter Online. Light armor, daggers, high damage and control!

Almost every MMO RPG has a class like this – wearing light armor, using a dagger (or daggers), and striking from stealth. One of the best damage dealers in PvE and an extremely unpleasant enemy in PvP. In some games, he is called an assassin, in others – a robber, and in Neverwinter Online he is called the Trickster Rogue, in common parlance – a horn (from the English Rogue). Unlike many other classes, the Rogue, regardless of the leveling method, always has controls, and he always deals damage. The Fearless Warrior can play the role of a tank, the Tormentor Warlock can try on the role of a healer. And only our horn always remains a damage dealer.

But this class is not the easiest to learn. You will have to practice long and hard before you can really handle the Rogue really well. The fact is that he does not have the highest survival rate, and very unusual class mechanics. And, in order to make it easier for you to understand this class, this guide was compiled.

Main features of the Trickster Rogue class

rogue neverwinter online characteristicsThe rogue’s primary stats are Dexterity, while the secondary stats are Strength and Charisma.

Let’s start, as always, with the characteristics. The main, for the Trickster, is Dexterity, the secondary ones are Strength and Charisma. Agility increases your crit and dodge chance, Strength gives you damage, and Charisma buffs your companions, buffs your Combat Advantage damage… and also adds dodge chance. It is desirable to develop the main characteristic to the maximum, two secondary – depending on your specialization. Strength will be more useful in PvE due to increased damage, and the increased evasion that Charisma gives can come in handy in PvP. The race for your Rogue is chosen based on specialization. A Human, Half-Orc, Drow, or Halfling might suit you here. For PvE, Half-Orc will be the most useful, and for PvP, Drow will most likely be the best.

At the tenth level, the class ability Deception will open up for you – the very stealth mode for which all his opponents hate so much. The invisibility bar is replenished with certain skills, and when it is full, you can use Deception. In this mode, you always have Combat Advantage over enemies that haven’t noticed you yet (i.e., always deal extra damage to them), and some abilities get new effects.

whisper knife neverwinter onlineTwo main development paths – Master Spy (stealth and control) and Whispering Knife (max dps)

Like all other classes, rogues have two main development paths, which are combined with three ideal paths. The two main specs are Master Spy and Whispering Knife. The Spy specializes in invisibility and control of enemies, at the expense of damage dealt. And the Whispering Knife is just the best in terms of DPS (damage per second). True, this spec is not so good in invisibility, and it has fewer controls.

The paths of the Trickster’s ideal are Pest, Scoundrel, and Executioner. The pest is able to extend the duration of invisibility and prefers to deal damage without leaving the shadows. The scoundrel knows how to survive better than anyone else, and in addition, it has additional controls and theft of life (vampirism, in other words). And the Executioner specializes exclusively in dealing damage. The first two paths are used more in PvP (especially the Wrecker), while the last one, Executioner, is the main choice of PvE Rogues.

Rogue PvP build

master scout, spy in neverwinter onlineThe best option is Master Spy with upgraded Pest skills

So, the first thing we do is choose the path of development and the path of the ideal. The best option would be a Master Spy with upgraded Pest skills.

Our main goal is to make the restoration of the invisibility bar as fast as possible, and the invisibility itself as efficient as possible. Of the free skills, only Twilight Slash is important to us. Among the class skills, we will take Sneak Attack and Sticky Cover, although all the others will also come in handy. Daily skills Ambush and Stunning Execution are mandatory, the rest is optional. And finally, choose combat skills. Here we will definitely need Elusive, as well as Shadow Strike and Nimble Strike.

Otherwise, take everything that allows you to control the battlefield – the skills of stunning, slowing down and other things like that.

Among the heroic skills, we need, first of all, Adept of Twilight and Improved Insidious Penetration – they will be useful to us for more effective use of Deception. Action Advantage and Weapon Proficiency will also come in handy. We ignore the Knowledge of the battle and the Adept of the Force (remember, we do not really need the Force in PvP, and therefore, the effect will be minimal). With everything else – decide for yourself, although for survival, for example, Strong constitution and Lucky badass will come in handy. From the skills of the path of the ideal, we take everything that can restore stealth, as well as what increases its effectiveness. Although there are no useless skills in the Pest branch for us.

Video review on the Rogue-Trickster. Build.


rogue dodger reviewIf you are a PvP fighter – feel free to choose Trickster Rogue!

So, let’s sum up. For whom and for what is the cheat in Neverwinter Online best suited?

The Trickster Rogue class is the main choice of the PvP fighter.

It is not the easiest to learn, and does not forgive mistakes.

And you can be sure that you will have to sweat a lot before you really learn how to play them.

But then you will see for yourself how much fun this character can deliver in skillful hands.

So – forward, along the path of the Shadow!


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