Today, the first-person action game Ghostrunner 2 was released, which promises gamers about 14 hours of high-speed action. The character in this project is pumpable, and no one limits the player in assembling skills and upgrades, but skills are bought for the currency earned in battles, which only the most skilled gamers will have in abundance, and therefore the majority will have to decide one way or another what is worth buying. It is also important to consider that the character has limits on the “weight” of upgrades, which also limits the free use of everything at once. For this reason, I suggest you familiarize yourself with a small selection of the best (in my opinion) character upgrades.

Smooth movements

An upgrade from the system category, which is purchased for 4000 currency and “weighs” 3 units on the motherboard. The game has a huge number of enemies shooting at you with projectiles, and this mod allows you to increase the window for reflecting projectiles flying at the character, as well as for parrying, which is useful for certain types of opponents.

Smart Reject

Literally a continuation of the previous mod, which allows you to automatically return reflected projectiles to the one who fires them at you. But please note that activating this upgrade will also automatically deprive you of the ability to kill other opponents by reflecting projectiles to the sides, but I will talk about this in detail in my review of the game. This mod is in the “Sword” category and costs 8000 currency with a “weight” of 3 units.

Hydraulics setup

A modification from the “Movement” category with a cost of 6000 currency and a “weight” of 3 units. The essence of the mod is that the hero will consume 15% less stamina for dashes, and finding the mod in the last slot of the MP category will increase the reduction to 25%.

Ultimate booster 1 and 2

Both mods cost 6000 currency and “weigh” 3 each, and are also located in the “System” category. The essence of mods is that they improve the character’s ultimate, and adding both at once makes the ultimate extremely imbecile. So the beam that is opened first will be instantly charged thanks to this couple.

Tracking system

A mod for 8500 currency with a “weight” of 6 units and the “Shuriken” category, which makes the shurikens thrown by the hero actually homing. Or is it better to say “advancing”?

Oiled mechanisms

Price – 5500, “weight” – 3, category – “Shuriken”. Throwing stars consume 20% less energy, which will allow you to throw them more often.

Tactical retreat

Price – 5000, “weight” – 5, category – “Movement”. The essence of the mod is that each jerk back will also be accompanied by throwing the character up, which will allow you to dodge most projectiles in the game.


It goes without saying that there are significantly more mods in the game than in this guide, but this set is more than enough to start. If you have your own recommendations for assemblies and individual mods, then you are welcome to comment.

IP Suchkov D. D. INN 526212155589 erid: 2VtzquihzUc

IP Suchkov D. D. INN 526212155589 erid: 2VtzquihzUc

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