By sleeping on the bed, you can restore work points much faster

In this article for the greenest, we will talk about what ArcheAge is and what a beginner needs to do in the early stages of the game.

So, ArcAge (the name is pronounced that way) is a Korean MMORPG localized by Today, Arch Age can be considered one of the most sophisticated shareware online games. The game itself should not be considered very difficult – the main thing here is to understand and sort through the heap of knowledge that will fall on you. Therefore, we will talk about what a beginner should know about the Ark Age game, and what knowledge will help him at the start.

The simplest and most familiar element of MMOTPG is character leveling. Anyone who has played an MMORPG at least once is well aware of how this happens: we knock out quests in the next village, complete them, get experience, a reward, and move on. Usually one of these quests leads us to the next location, it’s simple

In the game ArcheAge there is such an opportunity as over-fulfillment of quests. It makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity when you think that your hero is not enough in level to move on. For example, if instead of eight monsters that you should have killed on a mission, you kill ten, then you will be given a large reward for this.

There are also hidden quests in the game. For example, by killing some enemy, you can unexpectedly receive an additional reward.

small scarecrowBy installing the Little Scarecrow, you can get your first plot in the game

In the game ArcheAge, you should not go headlong into pumping. The maximum level is reached in two to three weeks of leisurely play. Do not forget that in addition to reaching the highest level, there are a lot of important things in the game, one of which is crafts. If you seriously decide to take up ArcheAge, then you should know that there is nowhere without crafts in this game. For example, artisans create the best armor, cooks prepare food that raises your stats in battle, alchemists create healing potions, and so on.

At the start, no one limits you in the number of selected professions, you can simply upgrade to the highest level only a few of them, and up to the maximum one at all.

In development, you are limited by work points, they are spent for any action in the craft. Those who play for free recover these points just by being in the game. However, in this way they are restored very slowly and in small quantities. So if you decide to take ArcheAge seriously, then you should definitely get a premium account.

What does a premium account give? Many things, for example, you will recover more points even while out of the game. Work points can also be restored with special elixirs or sleep in your own home.

So we come to another important component of the ArcheAge game that cannot be ignored – real estate. It includes a regular and underwater farm, houses and so on.

In each location of the Ark Age game there are several territories for the construction of players. You can use the map to see where they are. But keep in mind that the place for construction is limited, and in the most populated locations it is sometimes very difficult to build a house or plant a garden. There are only two ways out here – either go to other sparsely populated territories, or buy a plot from another player.

Closer to level 10, you will complete a quest for which a small scarecrow is issued. By the way, the farm should be your first building. After you install a small scarecrow, a small piece of land will become available to you.

After installing the small scarecrow, you should start going through the quest chain for the large scarecrow, which opens up access to the site 4 times larger.

The most important building in the game is the house. Its main function is that you can install workbenches in it to create items of a higher level. In the house, you can also install a chest for storing things, a bed on which work points are restored faster, and a mailbox. Finally, you can teleport into the house from anywhere in the world, however, you will have to spend a special stone.

Now about trade and currency. In addition to the four types of currency – gold, nui tears, honor points and Delphic stars – there is also the Donatian – crystals.

Let’s start in order, gold is required to buy from NPCs and at the auction. Tears of Nui are given out for some quests, and are spent on special stones for moving between continents. Honor points are also given out for some quests, and they can also be obtained by killing enemies. They can be exchanged for very good equipment. You buy crystals for real money. For them, you can buy any item in the game store. Well, the most important currency is the Delphic stars, they are used to buy such important things as blueprints for building a house or a ship. They are earned using a special trading system. Its essence is that in each game location you can produce some unique goods, pack them and exchange them for Delphic stars. The further you take the cargo, the greater the reward.

Such trading leads to the conclusion that ArcAge is a game in which there is practically nothing to do without friends. A small group of players here can unite into a family. It makes more sense to create a guild. Many problems are easily solved in a team. We will not talk about joint raids and other trifles. Because the transportation of goods within the continent is better given within the company.

And of course, joining one of the strongest guilds on your server is the only way to settle on the northern continent, where the most interesting events in the game will take place over time. So it is advisable to start looking for a suitable guild from the very first day – this will save you from many problems.

Everything that is told in this article is just the basic things that a beginner should know on the very first day of getting to know the game. Thank you for your attention.


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