On October 27, at the festival of modern pop culture Russian Fan Fest 23, the brightest YouTubers of Russia will meet, among them: Planya, Trixie_Vox, Severina Soda and Nyamura. Streamers will tell festival participants about who a virtual YouTuber is and how to become one.

YouTuber Severina Soda will lead the conversation and show a rigging masterclass: she piques the audience’s interest with an unusual character image, describing herself as “Virtual YouTuber, streamer, retired princess of hell, nightmare and terror of all sinners.” The conversation will be moderated by Trixie Vox from the Kaibutsu – Vtuber Project team.

On October 28, Fan Fest will host a conversation in the form of avatars on the topic “Virtual Music Performers VS Vocaloids.” The speakers of the discussion will be Melody Note, Sati Akura, Higan, and at the end of the event, the audience will be treated to a speech by one of the Melody Note experts, the leader of the Onsa Media studio.

The event will take place from October 27 to 29 at the Live Arena.


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