Most recently, all interested and interested players could test the demo version of Lost Ark, which is being released by the team. But for now, even before the start of the open test of the same Lost Ark, apparently there is still a lot of time. She has, if not competitors, then rivals in the isometric multiplayer online games market.

So, let’s try to talk to you about a project like Guardians of Ember.

You will find yourself in the fantasy world of Olindale, in which there is both magic and advanced technology. According to the plot, endless wars rage in this place. While the dark forces are destroying the remnants of the civilian population, a certain brotherhood is preparing for the last battle. Their trump card is Ember’s ancient weapon. The player assumes the role of a fraternity member.

In the game, I personally was pleased with the character editor. It seems that there are not so many sets of hairstyles, facial features and all sorts of hair colors there, but you can play with different height and weight sliders and it’s very interesting to customize.

As for the classes, they are the most standard here: Knight, priest, mage, hunter, engineer.

To finally finish off the topic regarding classes, it’s worth saying that when you reach that level 15, you can take a second class for your character. That is, we get something similar, as in the legendary Titan Quest, when, by combining two different character classes, we eventually create a unique build.

We have only four races: Humans, dwarves, elves and neya – these are cute loli-type girls.

A couple more Guardians of Ember features:

  • Huge tree of pumping;
  • Over 60 dungeons;
  • Item crafting and upgrade system;
  • Possibility to build your own house;
  • The plot consists of a chain of 100+ missions;
  • Arenas include battles between players in 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 modes.

The development of which is moderately well-known studio Runevaker (Runes of Magic, Dragon’s Prophet). It was officially introduced in 2015.

As a result, it was released on Steam and cost about 300 rubles at the start of early access. Then the Valve team had a conflict with the publisher and all their games were removed.

As a result, the localization of this game in the expanses of the former post-Soviet space is handled by the Gameforge company.

Review - Guardians of Ember released completely in Russian

As a result: The game is often referred to as a Diablo clone, although it is not.

It cannot be said that it is also a very cool game, but it is addictive even despite the rather methodical grind. And besides, it is free and in Russian.

Guardians of Ember is unlikely to replace the same Lost Ark, although it can clearly be a worthy competitor to Mu Legend and even the legendary Path of Exile. And for sure it will be a worthy game in anticipation of the same Lost Ark.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for the game below.


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