There have been changes in the App Store and Google Play – publisher Rockstar Games has updated the mobile versions of GTA: Chinatown Wars and GTA: Liberty City Stories. In addition to bug fixes, the model of these games has also changed – they are now free to download on iOS and Android.

As the user writes Reddit, now both of these games can be played for 30 minutes before they are offered for purchase. The same information is provided in the App Store and Google Play. After the purchase there will be no IAP – you can continue to play without time limits.

According to the App Store, Chinatown Wars and Liberty City Stories support Russian localization. Among the minuses, I note the absence of both games in the Russian Federation. Because of this, it is worth changing the App Store or Google Play region.

It will probably not be possible to install these games bypassing them, since after installing the main client, additional files are downloaded through the Apple and Google servers.

I can confirm the Russian language. It can be selected in the settings.

In addition to a 30-minute demo and purchasing the full version, Rockstar offers a subscription to GTA+.


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