The collaboration will add to the game images of the performers, an exclusive ship design in the style of the group, as well as a collection of unique items and videos from the Aria members.

The collaboration between “Aria” and the game “World of Ships” starts on October 21 with an official announcement at the group’s Moscow concert and will last until December 6.

Starting November 17, players will have access to in-game quests where they can collect a collection of items related to the band’s most famous songs. Upon receipt of each item, players will see unique videos from artists that were recorded exclusively for World of Ships, and will only be accessible in-game.

On November 24, three commanders with unique voice acting will become available for purchase in the World of Ships – Vladimir Kholstinin, Vitaly Dubinin and the group’s mascot Zhorik. In addition, players will be able to obtain a special rock-style camouflage for the battleship St. Vincent and an unusual collection of in-game items.

Players who have collected the entire collection will be able to participate in a drawing for a guitar signed by the band members. Also, the winners of the drawing will receive tickets to a concert in St. Petersburg and an exclusive opportunity to personally communicate with members of the Aria group backstage at the show. The results of the drawing will be announced on the stream on November 27 on the World of Ships channels with the participation of Aria. The musicians will be happy to communicate with the audience and answer their questions live.

Key dates of collaboration

  • November 17 – start of the competition with a drawing of tickets and a guitar
  • November 24 – appearance of “Aria” and her collection in the game
  • November 27 — stream with musicians
  • December 6th – end of the opportunity to receive the collection


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