A mystical night is coming – Halloween. In general, this is a Celtic holiday, and it is celebrated on the eve of All Saints’ Day on October 31st. In Western countries, especially in the USA, this holiday is very popular. The annual Mummers Parade in New York attracts millions of tourists. And if we celebrate it, it’s only in the format of some costume parties in clubs or bold walks of small groups of young people, dressed in penny black raincoats from Aliexpress and smiling with “vampire” plastic teeth at the same price.

Fortunately, this fun night can be spent much more interesting and, most importantly, safer. Of course, we are talking about board games on the theme of all sorts of devilry for both large and not very large companies.

We are together with our friends in the company Hobby World We have compiled a selection of excellent themed board games, and we are in a hurry to share it with you.

Brotherhood of the Wolf

In the summer of 1746, the French county of Gevaudan was shocked by a series of attacks by a predatory beast. In response to the threat and the excitement of the people, the king decides to send his best hunters in search of the animal, however, the searches and raids did not lead to the desired results.

For three years no one could catch this monster, which by that time had already claimed more than a hundred lives. Month after month, victim after victim… Gevaudan was mired in horror.

“Brotherhood of the Wolf” is an asymmetrical board game in which one of the players will take on the role of the Beast of Gevaudan, and the rest will become hunters. The beast will move throughout the province of Languedoc, overtaking more and more victims and terrifying the entire area. But such atrocities will never do not go unnoticed, so brave hunters will follow the trail of the beast.Will they be able to stop the monster or will they become just his next victim?

Fury of Dracula. Third edition

It’s 1898. Disturbing news begins to spread throughout Carfax Abbey, and people more susceptible to evil spirits suffer from terrible visions. The rumors do not lie, Count Dracula himself – the Devil in the flesh – returned and settled in London, where he again began to weave his networks.

It seemed that eight years ago in the Carpathian Mountains, evil had already been defeated, albeit at an incredibly high cost. Quincy Morris gave his life to stop Dracula, and many other hunters forever lost their peace, as well as their mental and physical health.

Great board games for a group of friends on Halloween

Today, the old hunters, led by Professor Van Helsing, gather together again to fight back the ancient evil! Prepare for the hunt carefully, because you are about to experience the full wrath of Dracula!

“Wrath of Dracula: Third Edition” is a new edition of the famous semi-cooperative game for 2-5 players, based on the classic novel by Bram Stoker. This is a deduction game in which one player takes on the role of Dracula, and one to four players take control of the hunters. These sides are absolutely unique and differ not only in game mechanics, but also in victory conditions. During the course of the game, Dracula moves secretly, tries to elude the hunters, and along the way creates new vampires throughout Europe, bringing his victory closer. The hunters are trying to prepare, hunt down Dracula, and then defeat him in order to put an end to his family forever.

Mansions of Madness. Second edition

Arriving in Arkham and reaching the mansions through the dirty alleys, you immediately realize that they are abandoned and there are definitely no usual inhabitants inside. The houses were clearly abandoned in a hurry… You also feel tension and a feeling of something otherworldly, dangerous and inexplicable. Detectives will definitely not be left without work.

An ancient evil concentrated here and in the surrounding area, reaching the piers of Innsmouth. Monsters from other worlds walk along the dusty corridors of houses, and cultists perform rituals and call on the Ancients in rooms where peace and comfort recently reigned. It is also unsafe outside – many residents of the city have been exposed to madness.

Great board games for a group of friends on Halloween

Today, you and other detectives must pay an uninvited visit to the new residents of the mansions and challenge the impending horror.

Our portal has a detailed review of “Mansions of Madness”.

Board game “Mansions of Madness. Second Edition” – cultists, detectives and Cthulhu (fhtagn!)

Zombicide. Second edition

Do you love The Walking Dead? Are you interested in the zombie apocalypse – a fantastic scenario of a worldwide catastrophe in which most of the planet’s population has turned into living corpses? Are you familiar with the work of George Romero, and does Evil Dead give you goosebumps? Then this game is for you, and you simply won’t find a better option!

Great board games for a group of friends on Halloween

“Zombicide. Second Edition” is a board game in the setting of a zombie apocalypse for 1-6 players, which contains updated materials and improved rules. You will still have to survive in harsh conditions regardless of your own desires and fight entire hordes of the living dead. Each game mission offers its own plot, its own goals and special rules.

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The board game “Zombicide. Second Edition” is the most popular zombie apocalypse in the genre

Paranormal detective

Winner of the 2021 Geek Media Awards for Beginner Game of the Year!

What strange sensations… It feels like the ground has disappeared from under your feet, and your body has become almost weightless. You need to try to open your eyes… Oh, no! It seems that your earthly existence has ceased. And apparently, no one will ever know what really happened to you. But wait, who is that down there? It seems these are detectives who are investigating the circumstances of your death! Well, all that remains is to get in touch with them and tell them how it really happened!

Great board games for a group of friends on Halloween

Here is a board game for a fun and inventive group that doesn’t mind stretching their brains. Participants will have to become detectives and try not to lose face while unraveling the case. A mysterious crime has occurred, and what’s most annoying is that there are practically no clues to solve it. No evidence, no suspects – absolutely nothing! There is only one method left, albeit a rather crazy one. It is necessary to arrange a seance and ask the deceased about the circumstances of what happened.

Dracula Party

Count Dracula is preparing a magnificent reception, where he has invited many ordinary townspeople. Everything is in the best Transylvanian traditions: music, dancing, snacks… But no one suspects that the count’s hospitality is just a cover to feast on the unfortunate visitors! No one… Except for the other monsters that sneaked into the ball!

Of course, they are also eager to grab a tasty morsel. All that remains is to find out who is who: the evening promises to be terribly interesting!

Great board games for a group of friends on Halloween

Dracula’s Party is a deductive board game where you take on the roles of monsters attending the infamous Count’s ball. You will invite other monsters to dances, ask leading questions and make guesses: the roles of all players are kept secret, and your task is to guess them! At the same time, each guest has a unique ability, so you will have to really rack your brains.

Similo: Horror Stories

Imagine: you and your friends meet a group of 12 scary monsters. It would seem that villains are villains, and troubles cannot be avoided, but everything is not so simple.

Only one of all the terrible monsters poses a real threat. Can you guess who? “Similo: Scary Stories” is a completely standalone game, but it can be combined with other parts of the series to make the gameplay even more fun.

Great board games for a group of friends on Halloween

The cooperative board game Similo will test your deduction and logical thinking skills. There are 12 cards on the table, 5 rounds ahead and only one secret character that you must guess. But one of you knows which hero you are looking for, and this player must help the others find him. Helping players consists of laying out cards from their hand: if a card is played vertically, then the secret character has something in common with it, and if horizontally, then vice versa. The remaining players, after each card played, decide together which one, or even which cards, they want to remove.

Witches circle

Halloween is approaching. The magical community is frozen in anticipation: a competition for the title of head of the Magic Council is coming! The most powerful witches will compete in a witchcraft duel – and it, of course, will be the most honest and fair… However, who are we kidding? Everyone knows that witches are masters not only in divination, but also in all kinds of meanness. It would be a shame if your cauldron exploded because someone mixed in extra mandrake root.

Great board games for a group of friends on Halloween

“The Witch’s Circle” is a game in which you will have to do a lot of magic to get the title of head of the Magic Council. This title will go to the witch who brews the best magic potion, and therefore it is necessary to competently manage potion recipes, transform the ingredients… And do incredible dirty tricks!

Overload your rivals’ cauldrons with unnecessary ingredients, create spells, resort to the forces of nature and tricks – only the most purposeful witch can win!


Perhaps that’s enough for the holiday. The selection features games of varying difficulty, perfect for both board game veterans and beginners. And the price coverage should please you.

Happy Halloween playing fun board games with equally fun friends!


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