Grand Theft Auto IV is a tough nut to crack in the world of Android emulation. Therefore, many enthusiasts previously tried to create a mobile port of GTA IV, but the result was far from the original.

YouTuber Mark Korolev did the impossible – he launched GTA IV on a smartphone with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. There are lags and stuttering, but overall FPS stays around 18-25 frames. There are no visual artifacts, except for rare problems with shadow processing when driving a car. There are no sound artifacts.

The only thing you need to perfectly emulate Grand Theft Auto IV on your smartphone is Bluetooth controller. Of course, you can use on-screen buttons, but they completely cover the screen, as will your hands.

Termux-Box was used to emulate GTA IV. I note that in the video Mark Korolev checks high and low settings, as well as how FPS decreases in the presence of traffic. The author of the video notes that a special patch is needed to increase FPS. He offers it in his TG channel.


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