At first, Google Pixel 8 was criticized due to the need for AI editing of photos and videos through the cloud, and not on the smartphone itself. Now it comes to the most important thing – energy efficiency.

Edition Android Police looked at messages from Reddit users and complaints on the Google forum. It turned out that the average life from 1 charge is 12-14 hours with light use and 4-4.5 hours with intensive use. Also, the smartphone becomes warm after 5 minutes of surfing the Internet.

Some users have criticized the Google Pixel 8 for using the Exynos 5300 modem, which was also found in the previous generation Tensor G2 chipset. It is considered bad, so if the problem can be fixed through an OS update, Google will maintain its reputation. Otherwise, the company will have to answer to customers.

One temporary solution is to switch the Pixel 8 to LTE mode. That is, we are forgetting about 5G for now.

So far, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has performed better when it comes to mobile data transfer and handling.


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