God of War II was released on PS Vita along with the first God of War in the God of War Collection. Thanks to this, Android gamers can also touch the “classics” through the Vita3K emulator.

After the v8 update, Vita3K began to work much more stable, so God of War II produces 30 FPS without drawdowns or graphical artifacts. The only thing I have some minor problems with is the sound. Therefore, it is better not to turn the volume up to full power.

Let me remind you that God of War: Collection 2 games come with HD textures, resolution and full support for PSN trophies. But what even PS Vita owners complained about was unoptimized videos. Also buyers of licensed GoW: Collectoin criticized the dull and unattractive sound during the gameplay itself. So it will not be possible to solve problems with sound in the future for the Vita3K emulator.

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Even on PS Vita, some of Kratos’ actions were controlled by the touchpad, so you’ll have to sit in the control settings.


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