The GG-SP600AC model speaks with the voice of the famous dubbing actor – Peter Ivashchenko (Glantz), who is known as the official voice of the character from the Marvel universe – Deadpool.

The first model of the new series was the GG-SP600AC speakers. This is a three-way speaker system with a power of 60 W and a frequency range from 40 Hz to 20 kHz. It can be connected via USB, AUX and Bluetooth 5.0; in addition, the speakers have slots for memory cards and flash drives, as well as microphone jacks.

At the top of the model there are high-frequency and mid-frequency speakers, and low-frequency emitters are located at the bottom and sides. On the body there is a control screen and control buttons that allow you to control tracks, adjust sound, balance, frequency levels and echo. A remote control is available in the kit.

The new speakers are already available for sale in Russia.


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