The brand’s new line of devices opens with three models of tables with steel bases, an enlarged tabletop and a carbon fiber finish.

GMNG desks are designed specifically for gamers who need plenty of space on their desk. The bases of the tables are made of steel and aluminum and covered with wear-resistant paint, and the tabletops themselves are protected by a coating stylized as carbon fiber. The tables GG TB101 and GG TB201 with adjustable legs can withstand about 120 kg of load.

The GG TB301 model has an electric lift with touch control and a memory function that will allow you to secure the most comfortable positions for the gamer. With its help, the table height can be changed from 75 to 120 cm at the touch of a button on the front panel.

There are also cup holders that will protect the keyboard from accidentally spilled drinks, brackets for headphones, baskets for cable management, customizable RGB backlighting and a complete mouse pad.

All three table models are already on sale in Russia.


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