When no one is talking about Fall Guys anymore, Chinese publisher NetEase Games is not losing hope of releasing Eggy Party around the world. So far, the English version is available in one country – the USA. You can play on Android.

Of the advantages of this game – where wouldOLarger number of arenas with races and unique obstacles. And if you get tired, you can create your own map and run around it with friends.

Despite the trial run, Eggy Party already has seasons and likely season passes with in-game purchases in the form of skins. I’m glad that for casual gamers the developers have added training during the solo passage of a simple map with obstacles. But it’s too early to talk about Russian localization.

Eggy Party promises different ways to have fun, including a huge Ferris wheel, a fun trampoline, a floor piano and a football field. Interestingly, in this game, in addition to obstacle racing, there are also attractions. Perhaps NetEase Games has a chance to carve out its niche.

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