Girl Mustketeer is a mobile game with anime style and pixel graphics. It features vertical gameplay, during which the heroine automatically fights monsters in different locations. Upgrading your character and equipment occurs with one button.

As the player progresses through Girl Mustketeer, they gain higher level equipment. It should be treasured, since even at the start there are cases when a character dies from the boss.

Girl Mustketeer is available in all countries on Android, excluding the Russian Federation; There is no information about the iOS version. One of the advantages of this game is the presence of idle rewards and AFK leveling with resource farming. Gamers are also promised dozens of unique costumes. They can also collect pets that enhance their characteristics. You can go on raids with your bot allies.

One of the disadvantages of Girl Mustketeer is the lack of online elements, but they didn’t forget to add a store with in-game purchases. There is also no Russian localization, only English and Asian languages.

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