The early launch of Ghostrunner 2 will happen today, October 24th. Those who bought the Brutal Edition will be able to play, regardless of the platform: PC, Xbox Series or PlayStation 5.

The official release of Ghostrunner 2 is scheduled for October 26th for everyone. The game will Russian language, as well as an emphasis on completing levels the way the player wants. In the trailers, you can see how the main character constantly dies, which hints at the need to think about tactics.

If we talk about gameplay, then Ghostrunner 2 hasn’t moved much away from the first part — the developers decided to complement and expand the original formula rather than come up with something else. Therefore, the cyberpunk style, first-person view and jumping on platforms remained.

Among the advantages of Ghostrunner 2, I note the beautiful graphics, as well as the opportunity to play the demo version, at least through Steam. And to make it interesting to play or watch gameplay from the second part, the developers have added many ways of customization.



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