The closer gamescom gets, the more the event becomes overgrown with details. For example, they will show home world 3 and host the latest edition of the Future Games Show.

A little more detail:

  • From August 24th to 28th – show home world 3where you can learn more about the gameplay and read impressions from the press and content creators.
  • August 24 at 21:00 UTC – the beginning of the Future Games Show. Expect news on about 50 games from different companies, including 505 games, Prime Matter, Ravenscoure and Team17. Stream will be launched on YouTube, Twitchin Facebook* and Twitter.

In addition, many publishers will visit gamescom, including 3D Realms, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Nacon. The list of participants and projects they will bring can be found here.

The Gamescom 2022 Opening Ceremony will take place on August 23rd, with the main part of the event taking place from August 24th to 28th.

* The activities of the parent organization “Meta” are recognized as extremist and banned in the territory of the Russian Federation


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