Duet Night Abyss is a game for PC and smartphones with an anime style from China. A trailer was released for the project with video inserts and gameplay, and all this was done on the game engine, and the transitions are smooth.

In Duet Night Abyss, players control one of the anime characters from a third-person perspective, using firearms and magical abilities. They are divided into elements, so you can expect switching between characters, as well as a gacha system.

We can expect a story mode from Duet Night Abyss, plus corridor levels. It’s too early to talk about the co-op, but it feels like it doesn’t fit well into what’s happening in the corridor locations. At the same time, the developers added interesting moments, for example, high-speed racing on a large pig and flying while shooting at enemies.

From a distance, Duet Night Abyss is reminiscent of Snowbreak: Containment Zone, only with deeper location development, a beautiful world and varied gameplay without the lengthy shootouts in The Division format.


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