Delta Force: Hawk Ops has been tested in China. Thanks to this, PC gamers were able to see what to expect from this project, at least within the “Extraction” modes. As a result, the game showed much more realistic graphics than Escape from Tarkov.

Skirmishes between players took place not only on the street, but also in narrow rooms, often with several floors. Gamers could also find rare artifacts that allowed them to strengthen their operative. And if it was possible to hack a military laptop, then as a result, several missiles were fired at the enemy.

Battles in Delta Force: Hawk Ops take place within a squad of 4 people. If an ally is shot down, he can be revived.

As for the mobile version, insiders say the following – Tencent is spending a lot of time optimizing Delta Force: Hawk Ops for iOS and Android. The publisher wants to make sure this isn’t just a lopsided port of PC and console gaming to touch screens. Therefore, we have to work on many aspects, often turning the mobile version of Delta Force into something original, but at the same time connected with large platforms.


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