capcom introduced a couple more fighters who will take part in fights in Street Fighter 6. The upcoming game will see the return of the sadistic Juri, and the newcomer will be Kimberly, a lover of graffiti and 80s music.

The first half of the gameplay trailer was given to American Kimberly. The girl graduated from college early, so she decided to go to the ninja. She learned hand-to-hand combat from Guy, who is the 39th heir to the Bushin-ryu school.

According to the head of the game Takayuki Nakayama (Takayuki Nakayama), Kimberly relies on speed and acrobatics to fight. For special hits, she uses a spray can of paint and a cassette player attached to her belt.

Juri will be added to the sixth part – she first appeared in Super Street Fighter IV. Previously, a girl known for her addiction to sadism and thrills sought revenge on Bison. After his death, Juri spends time “in a hopeless haze.”

The heroine’s costume is similar to her appearance from SSFIVbut has been tweaked to fit the style SF6. Also, the ninja’s hairstyle has changed – according to Nakayama, she more reflects Juri’s character. The girl retained many of her techniques from the previous parts.

Heroines will join the pool of fighters SF6, which already registered Ryu, Chun Li, Guile, Jamie and Luke. Earlier, a list of starting characters of the fighting game leaked to the Network. The final design of Kimberly and Juri is fully consistent with the leaked concept art.

Street Fighter 6 will be released on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox Series in 2023.


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